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    extr. rare hires door push

    Dropping price to $75
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    extr. rare hires door push

    1950s painted hires door push $125 payment should be made by money order once money order is received I will ship item. http://s1383.photobucket....1_zpsywkhfsoh.jpg.html
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    information on druggist

    From stories and location and the history of the rail line the runs by it known as the wewoka switch it could have layers starting in the 1880s running to the late 20s the old tracks run along it and its in the middle of nowhere so we believe the trash was hauled in from local towns and cities...
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    information on druggist

    I was trying to get the information for a friend of mine he's digging an untouched 80 acre railroad dump in Oklahoma so probably gonna be tons of good stuff to come out of it make an offer and I will ask him
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    information on druggist

    Thanks me to I believe its from the 1910s probably only worth 10 dollars but more or so would like information on the druggist
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    information on druggist

    Like to know value and any info on this WC Hadley my Carmel illnoise drugstore bottle
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    auction finds with Indian Territory bottle included

    The enid coke and the durant it should go for around $250 to $300 each
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    Weird plastic thingys from a 70's pit?!

    Bakelite which is the earlist plastic was not developed until 1907 so I doubt that they are plastic, do you think they might be made of baleen.
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    Just seen these big chiefs for sale on craigslist

    Don't know if the person that listed this is a member or not but its a good collection
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    Any diggers in south east nebraska

    I have recently moved with the wife between fallscity and auburn Nebraska bout an hour north west of st. joseph Missouri looking for places to dig around here and in nieboring states I have the sanborns of fallscity and as far as I know no one has ever dug there but the people around here are a...
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    BOB will like this one

    Here my big chief its from falls city Nebraska my wifes home town.
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    BOB will like this one
  13. O


    Heres one for soda pop bob
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    Patented Orange Crush Bottle N.I.C & B Wks. Inc.

    maybe its newyork ice coal and bottling works
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    local acl collection growing

    Nice acls really like the speed ball and bridge club
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    Local Texas Sodas

    Pretty nice stuff to be coming from a garage sale i don't know a whole lot about texas bottles but I look through them every once in a while on ebay and noticed that some are worth quite a bit, is there a book on them
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    kool aid

    are the acl kool aid bottles common theres one on ebay ive never seen one is it worth buying for under 20 bucks
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    Best soda bottle shows in the US?

    There is a bottle show coming up on november 17th in illinois im sure there will be plenty of sodas there
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    Big chief heres the link for the navajo land

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