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    Small Ball Jar

    I am new to collecting jars. A few years ago, I found a small jar. It is about 6 inches tall and the OD is about 1-5/8”. After I cleaned it up, I noticed that it had 261-5 Ball 2 A9 embossed on the bottom. There are no other markings on the jar. It reminds me of an olive jar. When did Ball make...
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    6 oz Coca Cola bottle PAT D-105529 PIQUA OHIO

    I stumbled across an old Coke bottle in the woods in an old dump site and I am looking to confirm the age of it and if it is a common bottle. The bottle is aqua green & embossed. One side says Coca Cola, TRADE MARK REGISTERED BOTTLE PAT. D-105529. On the skirt of this side it has a 23 circled c...
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    Hello from Anna, Ohio

    Hello, I am new to the site and am interested to find out more on the old bottles/jars that I am finding at a dump site in some woods that we purchased a few years ago. I am hoping to find out some history on a few items. One is an old 6 oz Coke bottle and the other is a small Ball jar. I will...

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