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    Historical Maps

    I used to get the USGS gov topo maps and look for old county road beds which even showed abandoned house places sometimes. Then finding these old roads, one could see the old buttercups, Spanish bayonets or wisteria plants that were dead giveaways to old house sites often next to the old road...
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    Advice for first permission dig? 1760 home site

    Just don’t scare ‘em off. :) Good stuff! Stand back and carefully look over the site and see what your eyes can imagine…. Dips/ pipes/ brick pile, indentions , anything unusual. Pretty much what Willong said. Good luck!!
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    Early Abandoned House with antiques inside!

    Lol…K6TIM I’m 64 and from a small town here in the south and when we were young we would roam the deep woods in the fall and winter (No orange on BTW!!). Old county roads long since abandoned and grown back to Mother Nature barely visible, we would walk. We would find old turn of the last...
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    Looking to Dig along local Creek

    Just an after thought here.... creeks running through old town sites, near old churches .... sand/gravel piles in creek bends as well as washes / holes. I pulled out a Christmas coke from my home town of Ackerman, Miss. in the middle of a pasture creek under a log where old bricks and rocks had...
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    1870's/80's dump dig

    Wow... super nice. Been a few moons since I been in a good dump site! Now a days I’m relegated to a quick look into a creek bank or walking over a grated work site... or kicking some leaves at an old house site... lol
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    Mississippi soda water bottle

    Howdy DownSouthPhil.... I just noticed this post. I was born and raised in Ackerman and my dad was a mayor there at one time! Yes indeed Ackerman is small but it was founded in 1884 and had 2 railways. I hunted the creeks there and found a lot of stuff over the years. Bottle wise, Ackerman...
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    Looking to Dig along local Creek

    I noted in larger creeks you sometimes will see bottles and glass shards washing out of the side of the bank. I ran into Hutchinson bottles actually sticking out of a bank and knew right where to dig!

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