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  1. J

    More scarce poisons

    solid piece of family history dan..thanks for sharing
  2. J

    The Slave Dump

    In response to the whole us being slaves thing...its been that view for a while and will be for a while more..from my eyes and Johnny Cash's John Henry said I feed four little brothers, and my baby sister’s walking on her knees, now did the lord say that machines ought to take the...
  3. J

    rare Rabit marble..

    I did away with your bad omen and bumped you up to 720...hope it helps
  4. J

    Talked to a sister I never knew I had yesterday...

    My biological Father is a coaine loving electrician ..i have four sisters i do not know...he deffinatley showed me how not to be a man...the first day i met him he snapped and punched me in the nose ..i was 14..kicked him where the sun dont shine and thats that...i have a beautiful one and a...
  5. J

    Found a really old foundation today and a cistern

    I have always wanted to make some kind of giant mario fire flower looking well dredge thingy to tryy and snag some old coins something with jaws and a pulley? heres to wishing
  6. J

    Strangest Things You've Found In A Bottle?

    There was a post on here about 2-3 years ago where someone found a jar full of 1980s us paper currency
  7. J

    handle to what?

    its all gravy ..theres as much butt paste residue on that thing as there is down in a privy =)
  8. J

    What a disapointment and senseless distruction!!!

    Heck yeah your self a Bim dump....Getting diggy with it?
  9. J

    No bottles, but a primitive something

    lol i thought the metal to wood situation was the other way around...i was way off base..but i guessed! goodluck on figuring it out..Great finds..Sry the flask had an Owie. Keep up the good work =)
  10. J

    No bottles, but a primitive something

    That looks like it could be for scraping the blubber off of a whale and cutting seriously look into it
  11. J

    Digging in my yard and found this...any ideas what it is?

    I have a full Sealed bottle of Haig & Haig Pinch Heres a few pics so You know what it Looked like With Labels
  12. J

    Up and down the river banks

    I meant no disrespect = (..i was jsut saying my glass taste has evolved into a few different branches off the tree
  13. J

    blue Hayward's hutch

    Better tell EP The same seller has this up for grabs
  14. J

    2 years in the making

    I want a minelab...= (
  15. J

    two good 4-10 recoveries
  16. J

    My Birthday bottle gifts from fellow CA diggers

    How much do the tweddles run...i love them as well..are there other color variants?
  17. J

    Up and down the river banks

    That Embossed Sparrow/Swallow would have been a really cool soda..Digging is digging..being unknowledgable is kind of like the whole ignorance is bliss saying When i started Blue vicks and noxemas were awesome..Theres really only a certain ammount of time you can cherish those little...
  18. J

    Found a strange coin-Any info?

    I was Under The Impression That that was one step in making a double sided coin

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