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    My State Capitol Druggists

    No problem. Here's a colored druggist from Delaware. Thought you would enjoy.
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    My State Capitol Druggists

    Dean , I have a monogram druggists from Dover, Delaware i will trade you for the Clarke and McDaniel. What else do you have from Delaware?
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    2 canister tumbler for sale.

    Tumbler is on hold for 2 weeks. If deal goes through I will make donation soon afterward. Thanks
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    2 canister tumbler for sale.

    I have a two canister tumbler for sale. Comes with a total of 5 canisters with stoppers, a brand new motor 115 volt ,1725 RPM's, cleaning agents ( aluminum oxide and cutters), and about 70 lbs of cut copper. This machine was set up for 6" and 5" tubes but can be modified to tumble any size...
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    Bottle Alert..

    The green bottle is a saddle flask, probably a transitional type. Originated in the mid east I believe. http://www.saddleflasks.c...lleries/saddle-flasks/
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    Does anybody else collect paper label beer bottles?

    Just labels from Delaware. Only have three.
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    I would possibly be interested in New york inks if you have any?
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    Dug a good pit in Philadelphia in the rain Sunday

    How deep did you go and congrats. More story please.
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    Dug a good pit in Philadelphia in the rain Sunday

    Did you find any Delaware bottles in the lot Chris?
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    200 apothecary and quack medicine bottles

    The caulk bottle from Milford Del. is super common. The factory is still there. Is there any other Delaware bottles in the lot?
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    Color Druggist Wanted

    No known pontil colored Meds from Delaware that I know of. There is a handful of smooth base colored meds. Millers drug store,Shipley's pharmacy,Frost Brothers just to name a few, they are hard to get even if you live here. There are also a handful of citrates that are colored, Rehobeth...
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    Pontiled Druggist Wanted

    It is indeed McInall and definetly a Delaware pontil medicine. Very few pontil Medicines from Delaware.
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    Mrs. Dillworth's worm destroyer bottle

    Yes, That would be great. Thank you for the responses.
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    Mrs. Dillworth's worm destroyer bottle

    UPDATE: 2 days ago this bottle was found in the same hole. I was like 99.9% sure the worm destroyer was a Delaware bottle, now 100% . Very excited to have discovered the first Worm Destroyer from Delaware. /image]
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    cleaning some recent digs.....

    I had one in the same color as yours and it sold on the bay for $200.00 about 6 months ago. It is fairly rare, however all the big time collectors may already have an example. If you can find it in the pint or a straw yellow coloration it does a little better. Hope this helps.
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    Mrs. Dillworth's worm destroyer bottle

    You are amazing! How do you find this info so quickly? Well if it was a he rather than a she, Where did the Mrs. come from?
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    Mrs. Dillworth's worm destroyer bottle

    Just realized I hadn't my Delaware medicine list and I found a E.T. Dillworth bottle from Wilmington Delaware in there. Funny because its spelled with 2- LL's just like I misspelled it. I'm guessing this is a Delaware bottle. Will have to do some more research.
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    Mrs. Dillworth's worm destroyer bottle

    The bottle came out of a dig in Wilmington, Delaware with a bunch of other blobs from around 1890's or earlier.
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    Mrs. Dillworth's worm destroyer bottle

    Anybody know where this bottle is from? I have a pic of one in my email but cant seem to be able to post it here.

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