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    Millville Bottle Works.........

    I found one these today at a group shop. It is a very conniving repro at first glance. They found a way to make the seam almost disappear from the lip, but the one I saw still had the seam ever so faint. The dead giveaway that it is a repro is the stippling on the base.
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    Pontil apothecary

    I have a photo of a pontiled apothecary jar. This jar was identified by a Westmoreland Glass collector as being made by Westmoreland Glass from 1900 to 1905. My question is do you think this is from 1900. Any thoughts about when the apothecary jars stopped being made with pontils.
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    Rare Cobalt Blue Master Ink...

    The link did work but not now
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    Clevenger bottles Question

    $6 is a good retail price. You can’t get them much cheaper retail, people try to get up to $25 for a normal CB.
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    more fake labels.

    More fuel for the fire. The Granny Fakes are being sold as hinge molds when they are not.
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    Is this a colonial Williamsburg repro

    This looks like one I had from the Jamestown Glasshouse. Mine had a seal for Joseph Frances
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    Unknown rare marble

    Have you seen the ebay seller who sells cursed vampire rings and other stuff. They have been selling stuff for years. There listings used to go on and on about some relative of theirs who was a gypsy who collected magical items. They would sell a couple of item’s a month for around a $100...
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    Fake Watkins Tooth Powders

    That is exactly what I was thinking
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    Ebay rules are killing me!

    I have a nice uranium bowl for sale. It has pretty flowers on it.[&:]
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    Unknown rare marble
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    I'm rich

    Wow found another one on the same site that comes with two books from the 1920's. Shame there is not photo.
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    I'm rich Where do I cash in my Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Bottles for $200 a shot. I am willing to sell wholesale lots of 10 for $180 each if any one is interested.[:D]
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    indian rootbeer extract

    It came in amber too
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    unusual in a reproduction ?

    I think they where used to sell bleach or ammonia in the 1960’s. They have a tendency to not be solid colors and have nice streaks of darker colors and clear patches. They also come in a pretty purple and possibly other colors like amber.
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    a little help please

    Tropical Glass Co ?
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    White Sox Cola from old Comiskey Park

    The bottle was made in 1932. OI was not a company in 1922
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    Found a clay pipe. Who is on it?

    Edward VII of the United Kingdom?
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    Need opinions....

    I did not see anything that was expensive. $10 would be a good buy, $20 if you had to have it.
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    Other areas of antique glass and pottery are not as forgiving as bottle collectors when it comes to damage. Chipped and cracked sell at 5% -10% of mint pieces if they will sell at all. And list price is generally twice real world value. Important and rare pieces and pieces with damage that...

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