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  1. dmayermpls

    Bottle digging humor

    Found an old privy site in south mpls. Has all the earmarks, edge of property, downwind and next to a lilac bush!
  2. dmayermpls

    Privy digging

    Noticed an old run down house in south Mpls with, I believe, r 3 privy pits in the backyard. Researched the property, house built 1883 & Sanborn maps confirmed 1 possible privy! Contacted the landowner about digging, of course very professionally& he wouldn't give me the time of day! Shot me...
  3. dmayermpls

    Unknown variation of 7up bottle

    The shelves r sturdy wood planks with glass on top & anchored securely, not going anywhere! It's my cats I gotta worry about! Thanks 4 your concern
  4. dmayermpls

    Unknown variation of 7up bottle

    Impressive!! Nicely displayed! You've probably been an avid collector for many years! I agree, oh how I love the hunt!!! I dig dumps, privies, creek walk, old farms, estate sales, etc....Dont have any one particular bottle type I collect most, I'm crazy about all antique glass bottles!! Quackery...
  5. dmayermpls

    Unknown variation of 7up bottle

    WOW!!! Amazing collection!!I've searched high & low & nada!! Hopefully you'll find some answers!
  6. dmayermpls

    Unknown variation of 7up bottle

    I dug this 7up bottle few years ago & I have not found another one like it! Features 7 bubble label & neck label with 8 bubbles over swim lady with the line & diamond on the back label. Embossed on lower neck ring is 38 & what could be an "I". That doesn't make any sense cuz that back label...
  7. dmayermpls

    Hello from Minneapolis!

    Avid antique bottle collector from Mpls who's familiar with this site & now I'm a new member. I dig dumps, privies, creek walk, old farms, check out construction sites, swap meets, estate sales etc.....I'm crazy about that antique glass!! Excited to be apart of your group! Attached pic is a few...

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