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    Archaeologist or looter?

    ....edited.....decided I just don`t wanna keep this going. thats what you think, fine by me.....not like we`re friends or anything, just more crap on the web.
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    Archaeologist or looter?

    No, it was interpreted that way by a couple of people it wasn`t intended as such. But I`ve had several posts deleted already by the people who run this site so I have asked to have my membership deleted, I`ll find another place to get info on bottles I find.
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    Archaeologist or looter?

    just had a thought, maybe you two guys should just put me on your ignore list that way you will be spared the pain of reading my posts and I won`t have to be serious all the time.
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    Archaeologist or looter?

    OH......are we supposed to be serious ALL the time here? Didn`t know, sorry. It was an attempt at humor people, so far most of my attempts have been deleted so I`ll see if this one can be taken in the way it was intended by the overseers of the site. Not going to say anything about the cry...
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    Under the Porch find.

    find any black widow spiders under there?
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    found this week....

    ben oui....Canadian through and through. Yesterday I went back to the site and showed the guys pics on my phone of the types of things we collect and they said they`d call me when they move to the next job, I thought they`d call if and when they found something but they`d said once they...
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    Archaeologist or looter?

    Well, the thread I began with the same question on this site recently didn`t get this much action. Must be because I`m new here or.....could it be because I`m Canadian?....`ts OK, we`re accustomed to being ignored until theres a world war or something that the rest of youse need us to contribute...
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    can `o marbles.....

    thanks....I`ll see if I can find that in Japanese. Went back to show the guys some photos of the things we collect and they said they`d call me when they go on sites to demolish houses so if they do, I might be able to find some stuff I otherwise would not have the chance to. It would be to...
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    Went MD'n, Found this...

    I read on line this week over 40 people have been killed this summer from hornet attacks and over 1600 reported cases of attacks. Theys out for revenge.
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    can `o marbles.....

    well, took them out and soaked them in water but....some have rust stains so now I have to find a way to get rid of that....any suggestions? I tried to wipe them with bleach which removed a little but not all of the rust. Got them soaking in a water and bathtub cleaner liquid.....that stuff...
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    found this week....

    Stopped in to a site where some men were demolishing a house and asked if I could look problem they said...and I found another small clear bottle very similar to this one but good news is, I asked if I could go back tomorrow...and they said OK...they took down one old house, theres...
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    can `o marbles.....

    Saw some guys demolishing a house yesterday so I asked if they`d found any bottle....nope they said. Rode my bike past again today, the big machines were idle I went over and asked if I could look around, sure they said, no problem. Found some old ceramic insulators....and this.....I...
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    found this week....

    OH yeah, the brown bottle has a lot of bubbles and the glass is "wavy "....not sure what to call it, and the seam is not flush. The waves are somewhat visible in the pic.
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    found this week....

    not by digging but just by walking around on sites that recently had homes demolished on them, I`d love to digbut frankly after seeing how deep some members go on their digs I just can`t see that happening in this city. The little glass "buttons" were found at the university across the street, I...
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    Geared Corona Corn Mill this...
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    Tonka Toy Fire Truck

    wish I could show my old toys father used to get these cleaning fits where he`d throw stuff away and guess where my toys and comic books went? oddly, those fits only struck when we were at school.
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    I`m in the collect for fun camp and do not collect for profit. I would have bothered with that one, love the color. Good to see others who collect for the sheer enjoyment and don`t toss something cool back just because it may not have a great monetary value. I watched a BBC show called Mud Men...
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    Privy question.

    depends on one`s definition of good.
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    Assistance on identifying jar or bottle

    how do they get them into those little bottles?
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    G Myers Barnesville, Ohio jug

    I won`t reveal all my secrets....mysterious ain`t I.

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