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    So fake it's not even funny...

    judging by his prissy manicured nails, this guy has probably never dug a bottle in his life. Nothing will give guys like this any guilt. He has no conscience or moral compass, and he will continue as long as folks are dumb enough to buy his unbelievable fake junk. He probably buys his own items...
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    crown cork and seal slug plate quart milk - rare?

    Here is a view of the base. Embossed T Mfg. co. 11. I believe that's Thatcher Manufacturing Co. and the 11 is probably a mold number. I will have to take another pic in natural light - these photos don't do it justice. It is by far the deepest, most vibrant SCA bottle I have ever found.
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    crown cork and seal slug plate quart milk - rare?

    Several months ago while cleaning up litter at a local beach, I discovered this incredibly deep SCA milk quart in a mussel bed at low tide. The side of the bottle was exposed and from the looks of it the little beauty had been sunning itself in the shallows for the last century. The slug plate...
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    haha I just took a second look at the label and i think it says 70% alcohol - I was kidding but actually close! Its a nice bottle- I might even bid on it!
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    Wow gin concentrate? what was it like 180 proof?
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    What kind of bottle is this????

    I love this silly thread. It made me smile. Been busy and haven't logged on in awhile - its great to see y'all still havin' fun with it. Also great to see a 13 year old on here - Welcome Ryan! Hey - I had some of my best digs when I was 13....and still kept the slicks.....[:)]
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    Old, Really Old, Ancient, what the heck is it?

    The day this was posted, I was in Manhattan at the Pompeii exhibit, eyeballing some beautiful 1st century Roman glass. Unbelievable exhibit - if you have the opportunity to visit NYC, I highly recommend it! Anyhows....this was the feeling I get from this piece. Wow - I would love to own...
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    When I was a kid my best buddy had one of those - the 16 oz with the flared lip. I think it came out of the big ol' brick cistern we (partially) dug out. It was on the grounds of the Gillette (razor blade fame) house estate. Ton of stuff came outta that pit! Too bad the 'dozers got there before...
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    bottles from a dig site

    Looks like you're in for a good time! Have fun and post your finds! The bottles will likely get older as you go deeper, so dig deep! Good luck! Farmer
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    Recent Digs, the Soda dump

    Or Reisling..... I Love deco sodas - looks like you got a few goodies in there! I dig that carnival glass one too! Farmer
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    Dug a privy got a rock

    Just out of curiosity Rick, which came out first - the slick or the rock? I'm a firm believer in things evening out eventually: therefore I predict a good payout for you in the near future. Perhaps a Historical flask in some outlandish color.......[;)] Better luck next time! -Farmer
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    Two-fer tonics!

    Thank you all for the birthday greetings! Yep, ripe old age of 37....[8D] Yeah I kind of got excited because I found 'em on a recent price list at a much higher value.....(no, not Kovel's lol) Still cool bottles for sure! I think one of 'em will make a nice gift for my brother-( his B-day is...
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    Crystal Spring Gallon Blob

    Note the difference in color - the last photo was taken in artificial light and the first two in natural. I would call the actual color just your normal aqua - maybe just a little more towards the blue range. Glad to have sparked some interest with this one! Farmer btw John, Those old...
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    Crystal Spring Gallon Blob

    Ok well at this point in time, the rubber seal has everything pretty well fused together, so I measured the exterior volume by using a water displacement method. The 1 gallon plastic jug displaced slightly more than 2 pints more than the bottle when submerged to the waterline. Subtract the...
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    Crystal Spring Gallon Blob

    Just a mold # on the bottom. 94 and its underlined. The numerals are about 3/4" tall. The style reminds me of a putnam fruit jar. You may be right, it might be 6 pints. I will post a base pic later on tonight. I will also try to open the bail to measure the volume but if it's being stubborn i...
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    Capillo and Co. Blob Top

    I like the way the address goes around in a circle like that. Pretty unique. Nice find Farmer
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    Ink/Pill Bottle

    Vaseline jars in a brothel privy? LMAO! [:D] Farmer
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    New Beer

    Its a beauty alright! Anything with an embossed picture is cool in my book. I think the only one in my collection is a Humphrey's Homeopathic with the horse head on it. Nice color too. Farmer
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    Two-fer tonics!

    I stopped in at my favorite antique shop yesterday and was greeted by Bud, the owner, who told me they had got a bunch of new bottles in! So I opened up the cabinet and began rifling through the typical array of semi-local and out of state pharms, slicks, coke bottles and junky '50s milks. It...
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    Crystal Spring Gallon Blob

    Thanks guys - and thanks for the info Surf! - that 5gal carboy is way cool too. Would make a heckuva nice change jar. Yeah Pine Hill does sound like a good place to dig. Would be a weekend trip for me to prospect up there - bonus is that its not far from a HUGE hotel dump I found as a kid but...

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