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    looking for Union Bottling Works Columbus, GA soda bottle

    I am looking for a Union Bottling Works bottle from Columbus, GA to include in my collection of Chero Cola, Nehi, and RC bottle collection.
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    Undiveable river: let's hear your ideas!

    I do dive rivers and see more along the sides of the river rather than in the middle. The current tends to sweep items from the center of the river then they fall out of the current along the river edges.
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    West Georgia privey digger needed

    No luck finding anyone to help me, are you interested?
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    West Georgia privey digger needed

    I live in LaGrange,Ga. I was allowed to metal detect an old collapsed farm house site off of a old wagon trail. The old farm house still had the remains of an old outhouse and near that old house I found the foundation of an even older house. I am intrested in digging the privey but I have no...

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