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    Where/How to Sell Bottles When You Know Almost Nothing About Them (help)?

    Check out sites like Etsy and eBay and possibly one or 2 other Glass Forum sites for an estimated price. I used to sell a lot of bottles and glassware on Etsy before the postage from France became extortionate. Beware of eBay. I assume it's the same over your side but this side of The Pond eBay...
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    Anyone collect modern bottles? Found early Sobe tea from 90s

    Beautiful bottle. Why shove it in a box a the back of the garage? Why not fill it with coloured sand / water or use it as a bud vase and display it? You never know - some mug (sorry, Intelligent Person) might visit and want to buy it.
  3. DSCN5456


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    French SOLIDEX Jars

    Well, found out that the solidex factory was in Folembray, Aisne, France. Can't understand much more as I really do have difficulty reading French and the OnLine Translation doesnt make much sense. I'll have to wait until a Fr speaking friend pops round.
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    French SOLIDEX Jars

    Thanks Dansalata My "antiques dealer" friend said it was a pontil but I wasn't sure which is why I "?" the first remark. I'm finally having a massive clear out so I've decided these bottles have to go - along with many other types that have accumalated over the years.(also got a stack of...
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    French SOLIDEX Jars

    Good morning. Thanks for those links. MOH thinks I'm totally Krazey as I spent most of last night looking for sites about these jars. I've also had a look through all my Solidex jars and they all have a "pontil" so I assume the jar on EBay also has one. That type of lid faded out in the late...
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    French SOLIDEX Jars

    I have a load of French canning jars that I need help dating. They are embossed with the name SOLIDEX. The one on the desk in front of me has very faint seam lines going to the top. The pontil (?) is slightly off-centre. There is a "G" towards the right side of the base. No other...
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    Hello I recently found this bottle (jar?) at a Vide Grenier (French Car Boot Sale). In spite of spending many hours looking at bottle forums/pictures I haven't been able to find out anything about it. Wondered if any of you guys can help? It's 8ins tall. Glass has a "silky" feel to it (good...
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    New member needs identification

    Thanks for the translation. Wonder what a Romanian bottle was doing in a French barn? Hmm! My friend has lived there for about 10yrs and it was owned by French farmers for a Zillion years before her. After getting square eyed spending hours looking for this bottle I've come to the conclusion...
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    New member needs identification

    Hello Totally new member. I have a bottle that I think is a French milk or juice bottle. (I live in central France) I found it when I was clearing out a friends barn. The bottle is about 10inches tall. Clear, green (aquamarine?) colour. The seam goes to the top so I know it's newer than 1900...
  11. What is this bottle?

    What is this bottle?

    This bottle is about 4" tall. It has a straight column base approx 2+1/2" then bulbs out to form a "hat" that vaguely reminds me of pictures of "Old Baghdad". This bulb narrows to a small opening which is just about wide enough to put the very tip of my little finger in. It appears to be hand...

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