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  1. JustGlass

    Upstate NY dump finds, help with some odd ones.

    I've seen blue airport runway lights with glass domes that look similar. Not positive but just a possibility.
  2. JustGlass

    1870's/80's dump dig

    Nice Finds!!
  3. JustGlass

    recent find

    I agree it appears to be English. Looks similar to one I have. Guessing 1730 to 1750.
  4. JustGlass

    Hunting for Mason Jars and found a Native American Gorget

    Great find! I also have found one or should I say half of one as it was broken at the hole. My son has a small tear drop one that my dad found on the shore of Lake Champlain on the Vermont side. I was there when he found it and gave it to him. It is red in color and has single hole and is in...
  5. JustGlass

    Found this pontil bottle in a old home

    Beautiful bottle! I would agree it's probably some type of art glass.
  6. JustGlass

    Curious find

    Cool find. Very uncommon and something you don't see very often. Bet there is a few empty opium bottles in there. I love it.
  7. JustGlass

    Pick Up From Ballston/ Saratoga Show

    Found this coffin style flask at a very affordable price at the show. Can't believe it was passed over and I had the chance to buy it.
  8. JustGlass

    Can't Find Anything On It

    Got this bottle a few weeks ago in Maine from a friend who purchases dug bottles from diggers and resells them. I like the embossing and had never seen it before so I purchased it from him. Can't find anything on it. Looks before machine made with seam stopping at neck. Does anyone have any info...
  9. JustGlass

    just me or does it seems rather quiet so far this year ?

    I think when the format of this web site changed was a big down fall. Seem to lose a lot of bottle people and it's really never been the same since. I guess some people don't like change. Just my opinion. I admit that when I don't see many new daily post I tend to wander. Still this is the site...
  10. JustGlass

    Sheet metal dump!

    Think I've been at that dump. First Dump I dug was a late 1800s /early 1900s. My son and I were pulling 30 plus bottles a day until we hit the sheet metal. Tried in vain to move it or dig under it. We finally gave up. Bothers me to know we left some bottle there. Hope they were common.
  11. JustGlass

    Recent Find, Been a While

    Picked this nice whittled flask recently at the Keene NH. bottle show.
  12. JustGlass

    Blackglass Bottle

    Picked up this old black glass bottle awhile back. I've seen a number of these bottles in the past but never with a lip like this one. I'm guessing age to be around 1790s to 1830s. Was wondering if anyone else has seen this style and if it is English.
  13. JustGlass

    My new shelf

    Very nice!
  14. JustGlass

    Old Beer Can

    Thanks for the info. I picked it up for $30 with plans to resell it. I'm not a can collector so it will go on ebay soon with hopes of making a few bucks or breaking even. It isn't full and is empty.
  15. JustGlass

    Old Beer Can

    Picked this up the other day while picking for bottles. Don't know much about it but it was priced right and I have never seen one like it before so I had to have it.
  16. JustGlass

    New Flask to My Collection.

    Found this nice pint flask recently in a antique shop in Ny. This bottle was in excellent condition and priced to sell.
  17. JustGlass

    Recent Finds at Dover NH Show

    Picked up a bright yellow Wolfe bottle and a Clarks bitters at the Dover NH bottle show. Great show as always. Fun seeing old friends and meeting new ones.
  18. JustGlass


    Great show as always. Beautiful day, great turn out......Awesome people and bottles.
  19. JustGlass

    ever dug up any live animals?

    I was just starting to under cut a river bank with a hand thrall looking for arrowheads when I started finding bits of bone and broken pottery. My brother said I wouldn't dig there it might a burial site and cursed. I told him it's just animal and fish bones. I no more then said that when a...
  20. JustGlass

    Tall Bottle with Crown

    Picked up this 15 inch tall bottle with crown on base at a very affordable price which makes me think it's a repro. Does anyone have any info on this one. Origin, maker, age?

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