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    Pepsi Bottle

    I might... MIGHT... have seen one like that before. I can't remember where, a local antique shop or online. [8|] Wish I could help!
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    Interesting "NUKED" bottle with applied top

    Ah, I see now. The glass is also very smooth around the top too.
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    Interesting "NUKED" bottle with applied top

    I picked this bottle up along with some others a couple months ago from a seller on eBay who lives in a town near the end of the panhandle in West Virginia. It was dirt cheap so I went ahead and bought it. The bottle is of course nuked, but take a look at the top. I'm guessing the bottle and top...
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    Real deal?

    Ehh, looks just a bit too perfect to be real. [8|]
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    13. Step by Step How to Accomplish Cleaning Gooey Bottles .

    Sorry we're so mean, I would've loved to read it. [8|]
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    I've spoken with that seller serial times about a year ago. He had a huge collection of around 1000-2000 bottles he was selling off. I remember he had more nicer ones too, I wouldn't expect him to sell a fake. [8|]
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    This is at LEAST the 20th Labeled bottle he's sold. Never seen him try a bottle like this [:D]
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    It appears he took a Wine bottle, colored it with a Purple marker, and enlarged the label 8x the normal size with MS. Paint! Makes me laugh everytime I look at it, how ridiculous it is and how somebody will probably buy it.
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    Two word game

    Mina Money [8|]
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    An amazing list of actual reasons for admission into the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum from the lat

    Ah, they gotta' take the fun out of everything! [sm=lol.gif] Not sure if it means for 30 years straight, or over time...
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    A JOHN DENVER Kinda Birthday....

    Thank you very much, Jim! [:D]
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    Denver Colo. SS Coke bottle

    Jonathan, there was one on eBay about a week ago I was bidding on that sold for $24.94. I have a feeling it's worth a bit more though, maybe $250...
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    Interesting Coca-Cola piece on eBay

    I don't believe I've ever seen one before. The register it's self looks okay, all the parts of the body match. The "coin bar" doesn't seem right though. Seems like the glass part at the top should be different, Mid-Late 1800's rather than early 1900's, and the scripting on the sign looks wrong...
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    Interesting Coca-Cola piece on eBay
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    Big Al's (Al Capone) Bottle "collection"

    If they were from his liquor cabinet or something and had pictures of them when they were found... Otherwise, no [:D]

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