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    2 Unknown Hutches?

    man that Ionia one is killer with the A &DHC embossing! Honestly they both kick serious butt! great pick ups.
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    pharmacy/druggist size runs

    I have a couple 12oz driggists from my local area, is that an uncommon size? I have seen maybe 5 other 12oz druggists from Minnesota too
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    seeking diggers in north iowa,1859 college

    where in Iowa? I go to school in Platteville Wisconsin which is just across the river from Dubuque
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    not as common as you think.

    I have seen maybe 3-5 Hostetters come out of holes I've dug, and all of them were abm. I am cursed to only find the 1910 era holes :mad: Common or not, finding a sweet looking bottle like that is awesome, I have one sitting not 2 feet from me as I type
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    W. Decker Stoneware Beer age?

    I do know it is North American, probably New York state since that is where I got it from. Here are a few more pictures of it.
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    W. Decker Stoneware Beer age?

    Hey guys, I was trolling through eBay last week and got this for a price too good to pass up. Now that I have it in hand, it looks a lot older than I thought. It has that grey-white glaze and is pretty crude. It has a smooth base (no rings or anything, but not exactly smooth, ill get pics of it...
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    Diving in the Chicago River?

    Has anyone ever dove for bottles in the Chicago River? I just saw something on TV about a submarine found down there in the teens, and it got me wondering if anyone has ever looked for bottles down there. Imagine all the bottles that have been tossed into there in the past 300 years. I have the...
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    Bottle porn

    It was dug out west in the 70s, I bought it from the guy who dug it via Facebook. That's what he told me and I figured he would know better than I. The top is very funky though, I will admit.
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    Some New Super Locals, Lets See Your Favorite Locals!

    Nice deco soda! It has a good story to go along with it too.
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    Cabin bitters

    I found it! thank the lord for search history (sometimes ;)) It must be super rare, but Ring-Ham does mention pontilied Kellys are known to exist AND Peach Ridge has a great picture of one such base! Killer...
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    Cabin bitters

    Jim, I seem to remember seeing an unembossed Drakes look-alike bottle a few months ago online somewhere which had an iron pontil. I cannot confirm, but I am going to retrace my steps to see if I can find it again...
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    What happens when I get bored in college: I begin posting.

    Hey Robert, I would love to see that 1828 engraving!!!
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    KY soda / mineral water bottles

    Its from Stillwater Minnesota! Its still my only blob soda from Minnesota, they are all quite rare and tough to get. That last soda you have in your original post is crazy. Is it a poorly executed gravitating stopper bottle? Or a mutant hutch? Whatever it is, I love it :cool:
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    Huntsville Alabama Hotel Bar Whiskey Bottle

    Sweet bottle! Embossed flasks are always good bottles to add.
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    Vital Tonic, a Life Perserver medicine

    that thing cleaned up sweet! great grab!
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    Some New Super Locals, Lets See Your Favorite Locals!

    WOW! Thanks for the pics guys! Every single bottle on here is a killer! I especially like that Shreveport flask and the almost yellow San Fran druggist! you guys rock! Local to me is any bottle from close to where you have lived. I'm only 19 so I haven't lived in very many places yet, but...
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    How to tell if it's a good place to look?

    For me the back yard of any pre-1900 house is the best place to look. I have spent a few years looking for dumps but have yet to find one while looking for them, so I pretty much gave up. Privies are my forte.
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    Some New Super Locals, Lets See Your Favorite Locals!

    I got these over the past year, but I dont think I have posted them yet, so here it goes! The amber one is embossed DR. A. S. ADAMS ROCHESTER, MINN. The clear one is embossed EAGLE DRUG STORE (embossed eagle on mortar and pestle) G. HARGESHEIMER & CO. ROCHESTER MINN The cool thing about these...
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    KY soda / mineral water bottles

    I love that backwards "S" on that Schanzenbacher! I have an 1880s blob soda with the same error! I love embossing errors :p

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