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  1. Hezezilla

    Found the Motherload

    I'm roaring with laughter! Forgive my rudeness but I find that hilarious! I live on Oahu and we have not had lava flows since ancient times. Only the Big Island has active volcanoes. Lava tubes are a possibility but I believe most have long since been filled with rubble or water.
  2. Hezezilla

    Found the Motherload

    There are mold lines on it. It certainly is an applied top. It is pretty uneven as you say. It's not round and I later noticed that the shoulders aren't even the same! The neck sits at a roughly 8-degree angle. Now that you mention its origin could be Asian, that sure could be a possibility. To...
  3. Hezezilla

    Found the Motherload

    So in Hawaii, generations of bottle diggers have picked up most of the good bottle spots. By the grace of God, I stumbled upon one just off the famed Manoa Falls hiking trail. I'm talking hundreds of bottles on the surface and who knows how many more beneath! I have a feeling that it may have...
  4. Hezezilla

    Good Stories from bottle hunting in the 1960s/70s/80s

    Still before me. I only started December of last year!
  5. Hezezilla


    That vial looks like an Opium to me. That or a pill bottle.
  6. Hezezilla

    Good Stories from bottle hunting in the 1960s/70s/80s

    Although I didn't exist back then, from the stories the old folks tell me, back in the day was incredible. I live on Oahu and they often speak of the days when Honolulu was being redeveloped. All the old homes were torn down and massive areas were clumped together for new high rises. The guys...
  7. Hezezilla

    Japanese Medicine Bottle

    Howzit guys. A friend of mine gave me a bunch of bottles a while back but I only got around to really looking at them recently. The most interesting bottles inside the box were two Orientals and a Dai Nippon Beer. Awesome little bottles. They've got some bad sickness but a dip in some acid...
  8. Hezezilla

    Chinese or Japanese or Korean or ??? Identify the bottle if you can :)

    Could you try to post a clearer picture of the text? I know a guy in my area who is an expert in Oriental medicine bottles. He can give us a translation but I need a clearer photo. Based on the typeface, it looks more Chinese than Japanese. It's definitely not Hangul (Korean alphabet) but it...
  9. Hezezilla

    Need help identifying a beautiful bottle

    Beautiful amethyst on that piece! I have no idea where that bottle is from tho.
  10. Hezezilla

    Help identifying makers mark.

    I rather think it is "G" on top of "C" as the underlying letter's serifs appear equal whilst the upper letter has different serif lengths.
  11. Hezezilla

    Hello From West-Central Minnesota

    Howzit brah! Warm wishes from the sunny Hawaiian Islands.
  12. Hezezilla

    Help identifying makers mark.

    I don't have a straightforward answer but I narrowed it down to one likely candidate. I believe your piece was made by the Central Glass Works of Wheeling WV. The monogram on the base of the container is "C" and "G". Central Glass operated from 1896 to 1939; according to
  13. Hezezilla

    Bottle i found

    Hmm . . . It kind of looks like a pickled goods jar. Because of the metal screw-top cap, I would say it is definitely 30s or 40s. Not much value at all but still fascinating pieces of history. Would be a good bottle to fill with buttons, coins, marbles, stoppers, and more! I think that's a keeper.
  14. Hezezilla

    Bottle i found

    It's probably a Ball-Mason jar. Maybe a canning jar, definitely a food jar. Need more photos for a better ID. The bumps on the base appear to be hand laid so probably 30s, 40s.
  15. Hezezilla

    Bottle i found

    More photos? It was made by the Anchor Hocking Glass Corp. for sure based on the maker's mark. As for age, we gonna need more photos but it is definitely 1938 and post.
  16. Hezezilla

    Good find

    Pretty cool bottle. My research tells me that it was manufactured in Ontario, Canada between 1888 and c. 1910. People really like intact labels. Make sure the roaches don't get to it! As for why it was in the wall, who knows . . . I've heard builders would use whatever as wall infill/"insulation".
  17. Hezezilla

    Help coke bottles forsale

    I would take hemihampton's advice and ebay it. Sure, making an account is humbug and the seller's fees are crazy, but it's worth it. The junk thing though is that if you make $600+ in gross profits you gotta pay up to the IRS. If that seems too much then maybe find a FB group. It'll sell but...
  18. Hezezilla

    New from Ohio

    Awesome finds! Welcome to the group! I'm kind of jelly of your success as my area is devoid of any serious bottle dumps! God Bless!
  19. Hezezilla

    1st River walk of 2023

    How old is that blob? I don't see ones with such a big top out here in Hawaii.

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