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    Surfaceone has passed away

    Surface2 I am sorry for your lose. Your fathers research skills were second to none. Thank you for taking the time to inform us. Your father will me truly missed. Tom
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    Gold ring leads to digging w. a backhoe

    Cool dig! That was very honest of you giving the ring to the property owner, I hope he waived his fee for you.
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    Odd way to abbreviate philly?

    That is an unusual abbreviation for Phildelphia. There just wasn't enough space on that side panel to spell it out.
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    Hi Chuck, I've seen P. Hall like the one I have go for around $75.00 at east coast shows. Hope this helps. Tom
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    Roger- Thanks for this great site !

    Glad the ABN is back!!
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    local stoner

    Nice going, lots of great color!! Thanks for sharing.
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    Pa. Dig.....not to bad

    I just take a quick glance at the date on the title line. Tom
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    Pa. Dig.....not to bad

    I've been patiently waiting for the pics of the bottles after cleanup..........[:D]
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    Stumbled upon a decent (untouched) dump today.

    That is a nice dig for a dump. Let's see that crock again after you clean it up! Tom
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    Rare? pontiled St Louis ink

    Nice early dig!! Thanks for sharing.
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    who wants to dig the ghost towns more the merrier

    I'll have what David's having, but without the meals.... I don't eat when I'm digging![;)]
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    Took A kid dump digging --------->

    He just doesn't like physical labor, although he enjoyed hangin' out for the day.
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    Took A kid dump digging --------->

    Looks like a fun day Rick, I must say I'm a little envious of that Hock Wine. I took my oldest on a dig in the hood once, it wasn't for him.
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    Hey Rick, I see a ladder running up the side of the pit. What kind of ladder is that? Tom
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    Matt's Book!

    I bought a copy at Shupp's Grove in 2012. Matt signed it and I made it into Rick's video at the same time.. I definitely got my money's worth! Tom
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    Dug a good pit in Philadelphia in the rain Sunday

    WOW!! Great, great dig!! Thanks for sharing Chris.
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    paying dues...

    It's a numbers game, just getting closer to your next loaded privy. My recent underwhelming adventure, I was hoping it would turn into a stone oval but never happened.
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    A cold knock yields goodies

    Nicely done, you just have to ask!
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    Dump Digger Digs his first Privy

    I agree, legitimate permission always makes for a relaxing dig! I'll be at the Grove, see you there. Tom

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