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    Help with Hobbleskirt ID

    Sodabob, no it isn't a Coca-Cola bottle. It's a Frank Banko bottle. Here is a photo of the Banko bottle. It has lost most of its gloss. It's a pity (pun intended). Also attached is what looks like a valve mark on the underside of the Banko bottle.
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    Help with Hobbleskirt ID

    Thank you for that information, Bob! I was looking at some of my bottles a couple days ago and saw a mark like that valve mark. It looks exactly the same except its diameter is only 14mm. The bottle is labeled Frank Banko from Bethlehem, PA.
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    Orange Smash Bottling Works - Timmins Ont bottle

    I found an ad for an Orange Smash in Florida. The bottle drawing in it does not look like the bottle i have.
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    Orange Smash Bottling Works - Timmins Ont bottle

    Back in the 1960s there was a small Cherry Smash bottling building near where i lived. I don't know whether or not the Orange Smash bottle i have was related to that Cherry Smash either. Business was smashing back then, I suppose, both here and in Canada!
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    Orange Smash Bottling Works - Timmins Ont bottle

    On this photo you can see the attribution on the heel. I used a bright spotlight to try to read it. The part that looks like an S is indistinct. I don't know whether or not this bottle is related to the Timmins Ontario bottle.
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    Orange Smash Bottling Works - Timmins Ont bottle

    I have a deco Orange Smash. Its design is a basket-weave motif. On the heel of the bottle it says "Since 1915" on one side, and "The Orange Drink" on the opposite side. Also on the heel are some 1/16 inch tall letters poorly formed. They appear to be: 24 S 1. The 24 is fairly clear, but the...
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    Barney and Ally

    I never thought, until now, of making a signature of any detail.
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    A Nice Range of Sodas from 1910s - 1920s I found this past weekend!

    Interesting 'creek patina' on that Golden Dixie bottle. Sometimes people think the label of the Nu Icy says Nulcy. There's a couple of bottles being auctioned as 'Nulcy' right now.
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    A Nice Range of Sodas from 1910s - 1920s I found this past weekend!

    It's a 'Christmas coke'! The patent office was open and functioning on Christmas day that year.
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    1915 local Coke found in a creek

    In the U.S., the hobbleskirt-design bottles of the 1915 series were made with various colors of glass. Color standardization came later.
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    Keno beverage Need Help!

    I have some Keno, but they're deco, and by Royal Products Inc. from New Orleans. I doubt they are related in any way but name to your Keno.
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    Orange Crush bottle help

    Once, in my early days of collecting worldwide coins, I was looking in a coin dealer's 1900's junk box. I noticed a coin that I hadn't seen before and asked the dealer "How much is this?" He said 25¢. He then explained; "It's a very rare coin, but the collectors of that coin are even more rare!"...
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    26oz amber Crush bottle date code.

    Nice small-date large-date combo!
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    New member finding lots of neat older bottles

    Amyjomagee, keep an eye out for peanut pepsi and drum pepsi bottles. They were made in Exmore. Happy new year everyone! Can you dig it song.
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    Ginger beer

    I have a few bottles with "30S1" and "30S". The 30S or 30 S marking probably indicates a mark used by Owens-Illinois bottle company to indicate bottles made in Streator, Illinois in 1930, the year after Owens-Illinois bought American Bottle Company.
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    Ginger beer

    Does it have any number or letter codes around the base, or underneath? If there are, they may require good lighting and a magnifying glass to read them.
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    Anyone have Big boy sodas with embossed cities like this?

    I have a few different all-embossed Big Boy bottles, but none with a foot-plate at the bottom. Yours is a very special Big Boy!
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    Art Deco Dr Pepper?

    Is the marking LG, a space, and two digits, or is the marking L-G or maybe L G W? I don't know of a LC.
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    Art Deco Dr Pepper?

    It is a Dr Pepper bottle. However it surely did not contain the actual Dr Pepper soda, but instead contained another flavor such as orange, grape, etc.
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    It makes me feel so less weird

    It's all under the category of pleasure that I call the pleasure of FINDING. It doesn't really matter what the dollar value of the find is, even if it's 0$. The value to you is that you found it. The pleasure of finding also extends to your opportunity to buy, as in online buying, or antique...

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