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  1. High566

    Sussex Ginger ale ginger beer

    That bottle is from the early 30’s. The ginger beer was made and bottled on Court Street in Sussex in the Sussex Beverage company Building. It was made by Sussex ginger ale.
  2. High566

    New Sussex bottle for the collection

    Yep this is it here
  3. High566

    Sussex Ginger Ale.

    Found another this week.
  4. High566

    Sussex Ginger Ale.

    Just found these bottles at a shop in St Andrews.
  5. High566

    New Brunswick - Assorted ACLs

    Kings county beverages. It was on winters street in Sussex.
  6. High566

    King Cole Tea

    Found this old door push while bottle digging today
  7. High566

    Sussex Mineral Springs & Sussex Ginger Ale, New Brunswick, Canada

    They are from the 30’s. Here is an add from a brochure that maritime beverages put out in 1985 marking the 90th anniversary of Maritime Beverages Limited.
  8. High566

    New Sussex bottle for the collection

    Picked this one up yesterday online. Like the big S on the bottom.
  9. High566

    Millstream Creamery bottles

    Added a couple more millstream bottles to my collection
  10. High566

    Cone tops.

    The 2 brown ones were under the floor boards in my grandfathers barn. The middle one I purchased. These are also St. John NB cans.
  11. High566

    Help identifying this bottle.

    Thanks I’ll have to search them online.
  12. High566

    Help identifying this bottle.

    I purchased this ponytail bottle and was wondering if anyone can identify it . It is 11 and 1/2 inches tall. When I hold it to the light it looks dark green but almost black without the light. The bottom is misshaped and it doesn’t sit level.
  13. High566

    More St John bottles.

    W B Daley internal thread. Simeon Jones Pale ale.
  14. High566

    A few bottles

    Yeah the one on the left is a round bottom Nash and Roue from Saint John NB.
  15. High566

    A few bottles

    Nash and Roue, James ready ,Thomas Nash and Simeon Jones. Saint John bottles.

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