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    Great marriage... Congratulations to both of you. They say that God works in mysterious ways, but his intent is wonderful! Mike
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    not sure found jar today

    Jar found today It could be a pickle or any large foods. It does have a nice pontil on the bottom. Let's see what anyone else has to say. Mike
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    Very sad day today

    We've got to get these nuts out of society! It's a very sad day, indeed! My prayers are with them. Mike Russell Former NCIS employee.
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    U.S.A. Hospital Dept.

    I can't tell from the pic., but if it is from the Civil War, you've got quite a piece. I've debated the U.S.A. Hosp. Dept. items before, after the Civil War, similar items were marked U.S.A. Med. Dept. I have extensively researched Civil War items and I have worked with a museum on Civil War...
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    Happy Birthday to the HIPPIE & AUTHOR!!!

    Thanks fellows! Yesterday was great after hearing from my 3 kids (actually they all very grown up) and my older brother. Mike
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    Possible Dump

    Depending on how stable your garage is, I'd be digging a little deeper. It looks like you are on to a potentially good spot. Good luck. Mike
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    never forget what today means

    Never forgot what today means... I'm proud to have served and miss the ones who gave it their all. Mike
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    Dug a few goodies today

    I could not have said it more! I started digging in the late 1960's and wish I could still dig even more, but now I'm restricted to a wheelchair and have had 2 strokes and a heart attck. Oh well. Mike
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    went scratching around

    I can't tell you much about your site except to say that I've dug a comb like yours from a Civil War site in Northern Vrginia. Keep looking around. It looks like you've got a pretty interesting site. Mike
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    Baltimore whiskey

    I've dug many different whiskeys from Baltimore, but not this one. I hope that someone comes on and tells us about yours. Mike
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    fake label?

    I don't really know, but many years ago I was in an antique shop in upstate New York where they had many labels on a dispenser. You could buy them one at a time or in large lots. There labels were old but still useable. CAUTION! CAUTION! CAUTION! Mike
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    Torpedo Bottle...Olive Green...British?

    Torpedo Bottle...Olive Green...American! It is like the RARE McKeon torpedo soda that I had two of many years ago, but mine were embossed. Keep digging and good luck! Mike
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    RE: Praise the Lord! He is our savior, thank God!
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    Ginger Beer

    Great Ginger Beer! That ginger beer from Washington, D.C., is a very rare piece. Don't just give it away! Mike
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    Baby bottle?

    Baby bottle... It's definitely a baby (nursing) bottle. My wife once had perhaps the largest nursing botle collection on the east coast, so there's no doubt in our minds. Mike and Bunny
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    True story. 1950's-2000's

    That is so TRUE! I remember our first TV and it was so tiny! As for the grocery stores, I was a clerk at a store in Arlington, Va., and we only had paper bags. Plastic bags? What in the world were they for? It's nice to remember the "past." Mike
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you and thank you for reminding us why we served.
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    Jamestown New York Digging

    Many, many years ago, I used to drive from Virginia to Jamestown and the digging was great. That was over 40 years ago. The roads have changed and the big dumps have been dug, but you'll be in a great location! Sorry I can't give you the locations, but you'll be in a great area for digging...
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    merry christmas!

    We wish you all a Merry Christmas!

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