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    Erdelmeier & Brauneis Co. Cincinnati, Ohio

    that's actually pretty hilarious considering I just noticed I missed it yesterday, would have bid, it is what it is a mustard dates to around end of CW, if you ever want to part with it let me know thanx Bruce
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    pre 1866 embossed mustard bottles

    don't know if you wanted to discuss mustards but if so get back to me thanx
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    pre 1866 embossed mustard bottles

    yes I have a few I'll work on the pictures I know where 5 or 6 more are I think they may sell soon H.J. Newhauser W/eagle, (2) Steiglitz, (2) Giessen's, and 1 with just an eagle just picked up a Henry Maillard New York, I have a list and I know what I have but I think there are many more thanx...
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    pre 1866 embossed mustard bottles

    wanting to buy pre 1866 embossed mustards nothing French, I'm on a mission I have many but looking for more, help me with leads, contacts or just interesting discussion thanx
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    Embossed mustard barrels

    yes I have 2 of those and there nice, decided to collect mustards 3 or 4 yrs. ago on a quest to get as many as possible and have a few now looking for pre 1866 embossed mustards Philadelphia, New York, Baltimore, Boston etc. I think there are many unlisted let me know thanx

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