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    new finds

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    Half Pints

    Still looking for unembossed or base embossed 1/2 pint seam-sides in odd colors to add to my run. Looking especially for clear, olive, shades of puce, and shades of blue. Willing to pay top dollar for top examples. Thanks
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    Hey, what would you pick?!

    Cobalt Half-Pint
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    If you use the ebay shipping labels, you can print the label right at home. It draws the money straight from your paypal and you get a discount and free tracking and delivery confirmation when using priority mail. You can also set up free pickup of packages right off your doorstep by going to...
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    Druggist pharmacy bottle question.

    That's a tough one. It really does depend on the town, and it's really only the "local" collectors that drive the price. I collect druggists from Sacramento, which are plentiful to say the least. I've spent anywhere from $5 for commons to $150 for rarer clear ones. Colored ones range from...
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    Found this bottle and not sure about it Any Ideas?

    Hey there Steve, I'm glad you chimed in on this. Check out the number and placement of the vertical and horizontal lines in the shield on the UNION side. They don't match up with a 21 or 22. The "placard" on the eagle side is unlike a 21 or 22 also. I'd think it is more like the GXII-1...
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    Found this bottle and not sure about it Any Ideas?

    I just posted a link down in the "Suggest A Website" part of the forum. It has all of the different GXII flasks so you can compare this one to all the rest. I'd have to agree that the guy offering you the $40 seems a bit douchbagish. $40 is pretty low even for the most common GXII, and like...
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    McKearin Flask Designations

    Found this site that has the entire section of McKearin's book with all of the flask designations. This is a great reference site for anyone not owning the book, but the book has so much more to offer in the way of the history of the glasshouses though. Flasks
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    Brass lid MASON'S Midget

    That midget lid looks to be an early unlined lid. If so, it's a pretty valuable lid, listed at $200-$400 in the Redbook. It won't have the typical porcelain liner. Your luck is unbelievable lately. Congrats. I've got a correct lid for that Marion that I'll let go. PM me if interested.
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    Found this bottle and not sure about it Any Ideas?

    Definitely not a fake, but really odd. It seems to be most similar to a GXII-1, but there are a lot of things off on both sides. That particular frame on the eagle side is seen only on the GXII-1, GXII-2, and GXII-23, but it is not either one of those flasks. The shield and ribbon on the...
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    HOLY SMOKES! A mind blowing Cathedral Pickle collection

    They did contact Ferdinand over at PRG first. I imagine he gave the owner a realistic idea of the value. I was very surprised to see it in a lot rather then pieced out too. I imagine if the reserve is realistic for the lot, a dealer should have NO problem selling them off rather quickly. Or...
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    HOLY SMOKES! A mind blowing Cathedral Pickle collection

    There are several KILLER pickles in that lot. Lot 32 IS a Willington (that $44k thing), although badly damaged. The damage sounds very similar to the one just sold at American Bottle Auctions for a little over 2k. My favorite of the lot is #31, the stoddard clover-leaf.
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    Saw the show for the first time last night. SUCKED. What a bunch of idiots. The whole deal on focusing on the money just pi$$ed me off.
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    Black Glass with Pour Spout

    It reminds me of an early European apothecary type. Could it possibly say Galbanum? That would fit in with apothecary if so. The pour spout would have been helpful for dispensing any type of liquid into smaller containers, not necessarily just inks. I love those early painted blacks. Lovely...
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    1/2 Pints

    Yea Jim, I saw that one when it came up for auction. I can't remember what it went for, but I know it was high. I'm sure you could almost double that price if it was a seam side. The prices for odd colors have been going up recently.
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    Dr Stoever's Bitters

    Picked this bitters up a while back and have found very little info on it. I guess it's listed as rare in Ring & Ham, which is nice I guess. I love the embossing on it, especially the slugged PHILADELPHIA. There's a similar one listed as very rare embossed LANCASTER, but I like the slug...
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    1/2 Pints

    Here's a run I've been putting together. I got hooked on the 1/2 pints. I'm looking for a flint, cornflower, and cobalt. I saw a cobalt one on, and I'm betting it would be a bit outside of my budget. A nice crude flint would be killer too.
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    CanYaDigIt Birthday

    Right on. Thanks. I'm having a good day so far. Went and saw John Carter in 3D. It was pretty cool. Worked on my car a bit. Now I'm heading out to a bbq. I've been doing a lot more reading then posting lately, that's for sure. I've got several new bottles for the collection recently too...
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    Compond Fluid Extract Of Manzanita / Drs McDonald & Levy / Sacramento California

    Last one that hit the bay went for a bit over $600, and that was a good deal for it. There's only a handful of pontiled Sacramento bottles, and their all good ones.

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