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    Bottle Digging book Thanks!

    Wanted to say thanks to all of those who have bought The Field Guide to American Trash. I've sold a bunch on Amazon, and was able to set up at Little Rhody show which was really a fun time to sell books and share dig stories.
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    Bottle DIGGING book just published! Hi Guys. Been working on this for quite a while. Just went live on Amazon this week! Bottle digging, privy digging, scuba and...
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    Great Shard!

    I of course had the privilege of seeing that shard in person this afternoon! Yours is a much rarer bottle than that tombstone Woods! Yours is almost square at the base, with vertical embossing ! It's 2018 and we're still finding new awesome bottles out there! Now I'm really ready to go...
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    My Heartbreak Collection of Shards n Broken Bottles

    You heard it here, shard collecting is more fun than high end bottle collecting. Less stressful! Great great shards there Kevin thanks for posting
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    First Dive and Finds 2018

    So the annual question remains, " Is Kevin crazy, or is Kevin awesome for diving on New Years day? All I know is I would have joined you if my gear didn't ice up so quickly. I would have gone to free flow after 2 breathes! Glad you were safe, have a lucky year!
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    Dug this WASHINGTON DC Amber strap side- any info?

    Thank you for that info !! I'll contact him
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    Dug this WASHINGTON DC Amber strap side- any info?

    Hello all, if any of you are still out there :} I dug this shard while digging here in NH recently. It's Chas. Kraemer Washington DC in yellow amber, strap sided. I can't help but feeling like it would be a really scarce bottle, as there aren't a lot of DC bottles in general. Any info...
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    Couple of Flounder a Cool Pipe and a HEART BREAKER!

    Wow that is amazing. You have found so much Stoddard stuff over the years, this will be a great addition!
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    Galveston Brewing Company & Heartreakers

    Boy that flask shard is something! Digging bottles in Texas in the summer. Pretty crazy
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    A Pocket of Shards

    I haven't been into any nice glass like that in a while. I wind up in newer spots with lots of trash, new and old, hoping there is a Townsend under there. Hope u find something whole there!
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    Archaeology student looking for an I.D. on a shard..

    Definitely strong shoulder Mason 1930 ish
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    May 29 river dive find Open Pontil Curtis Syrup in flint ! Yay!

    Hello all - Been diving a bit lately. Posting stuff regularly on my blog (theDowneastDigger) as well. I did have one dive this week with some good bottles. I was down deep in some grainy sand, digging at the bottom of a river, and dug this nice pontil. I could feel right away, even though...
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    Downeast Digger back in town

    Long time since I posted here, so not sure if there are old friends still lurking. I hope you are all well, and have been finding things digging or at shows, or wherever. I've started my own blog "TheDowneastDigger", where I am going to post all of my digging and diving finds, and mix in my...
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    I agree with the above, about using very hot water. Very hot tap water certainly shouldn't crack a milk bottle, but maybe start with a warm bottle anyways just to be sure. But soaking the whole bottle in a tub of very hot water should do it, but it will take time and you have to be patient as...
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    Amber Richmond Va blob beer (damaged) found in Maine?

    Was searching for a new dive site yesterday. Drove a long way, and swam a long way under water. Didnt find anything to take home, didn't even see shards, was pretty disappointed. Then towards the end, I found one rougue bottle. It is broken, but I brought it home because I was pretty sure it...
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    Found a counterfeit? Smith's Bile Beans? .......SMIHT'S!

    I htink maybe Smiht's brohter Kenneht messed up htat bottle mold. :} Looks like a fun dump to dig, and I hope there is more to come !
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    Best Finds so Far

    Thanks Mark, Paul and others -Andy, I'll certainly keep my eyes open for a pontiled Pierce. Now that you mention it, I dont think I've ever seen one pontiled! I found pieces of at least three other smooth based ones down there, so they really liked the stuff. Hopefully I could find a pontil...
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    Best Finds so Far

    I guess this is just a "Gloat Post" :} but sue me - I love it when diggers line up and show what they've hauled in. I'm heading up to the dive spot I've been workin tomorrow. It's lots of work, to dig/dive it, but it's a blast. Through about 15 hours underwater there, this is the best of...
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    Best Finds so Far

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