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    Here she is!!!

    @Newtothiss Ah, dang. That sucks.
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    Here she is!!!

    Oh, wow! Sounds like a deal for getting it free.
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    Here she is!!!

    Beautiful! It may not be worth it, but you could get the sign repaired.
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    BIGGEST sign ever! Worth retrieving?

    Defiantly worth it for the personal value! I'm sure it's not worth much, but cleaning it and hanging it up would be cool.
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    Just 2 bottles I need help Identifying!

    Sorry for the terrible camera quality. Anyways! I'm new to bottle collecting, and I have these 2 bottles that are quite the hassle to find stuff about! The first is made by Anchor Hocking, is a 2 part mould, and a screw-top. I believe it may be a little older than the 80's, as the logo is a H...

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