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    Farm dump turns up some insulators

    pictures don't seem to be working:(
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    Farm dump turns up some insulators

    One was a Patent 58 pint, the other is a 4L ball pint. Cleaned up pretty well, put lids on them.
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    CD117 bottle dump find

    Recently found insulator, listed a few days ago [:)]
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    Farm dump turns up some insulators

    Posted a link in the auctions section of the forum in case anyones interested [:)]
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    Farm dump turns up some insulators

    I always seem to find a few insulators in every dump, wondering if its just me or do other diggers come across them regularly as well? As per the dug item survival rate one of the three was a really nice piece!
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    Farm dump turns up some insulators

    A dig on Saturday turned up a vein of insulators, probably 40 in total but many were broken, as were most bottles & jars around them. The things are like glass rocks when thrown on the dumps! Usually find one or two insulators in most dumps but this one was crazy! Looking online this seems would...
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    Some extra jar lids

    Your right Jim, it wouldn't help anyone not on facebook, I didn't take that angle into consideration. But there's some nice stuff beginning to change hands there, and atleast to me, is a welcome deviation from flea bay. Another aspect I find interesting about it, unlike ebay, is the majority of...
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    Some extra jar lids

    just getting out the word, lol. I have two auction listings on the facebook page Mason & Fruit Jar Auction Page that end tonight at 9:30Some pretty decent lids if you need them....Al
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    jar lids at auction of facebook

    just getting out the word, lol. I have two auction listings on the facebook page Mason & Fruit Jar Auction Page that end tonight at 9:30Some pretty decent lids if you need them....Al
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    PayPal transaction

    Lmao, First off,'Bank' account= an account you open at a financial institution'PayPal' account= an account you open online with PayPal (which is not a bank) I know they can't post anything on the internet thats not true [:)], but if someone says paypal or anybody can just freeze an account...
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    PayPal transaction

    Seems you have confused a 'sellers paypal account' with personal bank accounts & cards. Don't get me wrong, I dont have any " I Love PayPal " tattoos on my forehead, their treatment of sellers, especially, but not limited to, new sellers and the 21+ day holds they can & do randomly impose on...
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    PayPal transaction

    BS Thats Not 'fact' at all....I dont know what banks you have but if you have a paypal business or premier account and tie a personal bank account to it you have authorized your bank to allow a third party (paypal) to access funds from that account, which they will do under certain...
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    Even a handful or so known still makes them pretty darn rare. Seller should get some notarized documentation on its provenance drawn up to go with that piece.Al
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    Monday dump dig leads to bottle envy!

    Nice. I had a twin to that small green pitcher only it had a loose fitting swirled stopper. Always figured it a vinegar cruet. I've had luck putting mineral oil around stuck stopper, then running the NECK area of bottle under warm water (NOT Hot!) for a couple minutes. After a few times they...
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    Saturday, Four Whisky Day.

    No, it was a completely different company. The 'other' Warner.
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    Need help on this one!!

    A pic of this sure would be nice! The Syracuse NY Murphy hutch listed is considerably scarcer than most other of their bottles. I've never dug, seen or heard of a clear Murphy hutch. Murphy Bros Bottling Works (1895-1906) was established by John & Cornelius Murphy at 110 Grand Ave in Syracuse...
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    Pretty commonly called and accepted as 3 pc mold by the collecting community. The earliest were in fact a dip mold bottom with two shoulder halves that closed. I think Ricketts patented the addition of a removeable base plate which could be changed out with different styles or embossings in the...
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    Surfaceone has passed away

    My sincerest condolences to you & Your family. Al
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    The tapered shape to me indicates a 'dip' mold, so there would be no seams visible on the shoulders. The values listed seem abit high to me but who knows on any given day. I'd atleast start it at 3.99 (as with anything) so you can break even in the event only one bid is received. Shipping costs...

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