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  1. CourtneyJoy

    Porcelain Lady Figurine

    Thank you! Right, definitely would help if we had the rest of her. Figured it would be a long shot, but you never know on here! I'm always impressed with the wealth of knowledge in this group. ☺️ Thanks for your reply!
  2. CourtneyJoy

    Porcelain Lady Figurine

    Hey y'all! I found this pretty lady in a PNW River near the coast this weekend and absolutely love her! Curious if anyone here might be able to help me get an idea of when it's from and any other information or history. Love to hear what you all think! Thanks, Courtney
  3. CourtneyJoy

    Help Dating Hind's Honey Almond Cream

    Hey y'all! Found this awesome little embossed bottle along the river today. Can anyone help me date this Hind's Honey Almond Cream bottle? I found some cool info on what it filled with back in the day, and I'd just love to know what year or decade it was from, as well as any other additional...
  4. CourtneyJoy

    Powder Compact Locket (make up and cosmetics)

    Thank you, ROBBYBOBBY64 > appreciate the lead, definitely struggling to figure out the monogram but I just emailed a museum of makeup that takes inquiries and helps people ID different pieces so I'm feeling hopeful!
  5. CourtneyJoy

    Powder Compact Locket (make up and cosmetics)

    Hey y'all! I found this amazing treasure last night digging an old homestead from the early 1900's in Western Montana. It appears to be a beauty compact, most likely for powder or blush, that also has a little finding at the top to wear on a chain (I'm assuming). While I was cleaning it up a bit...
  6. CourtneyJoy

    Lots of little bottles, early 1900s?

    CanadianBottles, I'm hoping so! I'd love to find some old ones. The property has multiple dump sites and I'm just itching to track down the oldest!
  7. CourtneyJoy

    Lots of little bottles, early 1900s?

    Thanks FreeRangeAsparagus, I'm still learning how to use this forum! This isn't even all of them, this is just all I could fit in the pot. Probably more in the ground too!
  8. CourtneyJoy

    Lots of little bottles, early 1900s?

    Hey y'all, I'm new to the forum and new to dump digging/bottle collecting! I found an awesome dig site on a family friend's property in Western Montana and dug all day today and found some absolutely adorable little bottles (some big ones too). The location was an old farm/homestead that was...

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