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    Does anyone know the story behind 3C Nectar?

    Found one embossed with, "The Original 3C Drink" bottled in Wilson, NC today.
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    Julep bottle initials HELP!

    I found a Julep like that today. The bottom was embossed with Tarboro, NC which is where I found it.
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    what have I have found?

    Found one of those today.
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    Mystery item from 1890’s dump.

    Same here but in dumps nowhere near that old.
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    Value anyone? Can't pinpoint.

    The location is of interest to me since that is local.
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    New dump spot near 1760s house part 1

    I know a couple places like that here but it seems almost everything is broken.
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    The dangers of digging

    Agree. I did this sweeping the ground with my foot. Glass was sticking out of the ground and went right through my boot. Eight stitches....
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    Help with ten pin Indian rock Coca Cola bottle

    Awesome local (for me) bottle.
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    Thanks. Macomb huh? I'm originally from Rushville.
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    Be safe out there!

    I have a habit of sweeping the ground with my foot to remove leaves and debris while digging bottles in old dump sites. I was doing just that to sweep glass and leaves aside and a piece went right through my boot and deep into my foot. I won't be doing that anymore. Stay safe!
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    Dug this one the other day. I was a little surprised at the condition of the label. It appears to be a WWII era bottle based on my research. Unfortunately it has a crack in it.
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    Milk of Magnesia Bottle

    Spot back here where I found about two dozen of them. All were screw tops of different sizes. I kept one of each but they appear to be common as I've seen them in a couple other spots too. I do admit the blue color is nice.
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    Recent Construction Finds.

    Wow look at that. Love the in-situ photos.
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    Salisbury NC straight side Coca-Cola dump

    Wow. The kind of place I keep hoping to find.
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    I also find them often.
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    Looking to Dig along local Creek

    I'm also in Eastern NC and could assist if interested.

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