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    New to this. Anyone looking to buy? Information welcome!

    Checking back. Responded to "Anyone looking to buy ?" with an interest or seeking a chance to acquire a few, and no response. Wanted to see if there was still interest in parting with some ? Thanks
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    New to this. Anyone looking to buy? Information welcome!

    I would be interested in any of the smaller medicines you have left. I have a shelf in my downstairs bathroom I add things to little by little. Nothing too fancy or rare. If you feel like picking me out a few. Be glad to send some $$ as far as value, I am just a rookie amateur. Particular to...
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    small display

    I mostly lurk on the forum, but came on board looking for codd bottle info. Have 3. This is a shelf I set up in the downstairs bathroom. The bigger unopened (corked) bottles were from an old pharmacist garage sale 25 years ago. Just a display but no clue about any rare ones or collectible ones...
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    Bottle clleaning

    First post in a long time but, I had an idea I have not tried yet, but it sounds interesting. It came from cleaning a Wolfard oil lamp internal oil reservoir bulb that was soiled. Take a piece of stiffer wire about a foot long. A rectangle of scotchbrite. however long and wide thought to be...
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    New Member Odd Codd with Star Help Please

    Again, many thanks for the views and replies. Houston Bottle works search revealed many crude star marks, no marble stopper bottles, and star was oddly crude. India bottle works, smaller star near the bottom and star in different placement. I am closer than I was, but this star and it's symmetry...
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    New Member Odd Codd with Star Help Please

    Thank you for your input and responses. I am still looking for info. There are hundreds of codd images available and so far, nada. Which only heightens my curiosity. The star, only mark, is quite exact in it's symetry. Again, thank you. I will keep checking back regularly for any additional.
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    New Member Odd Codd with Star Help Please

    New member. Stumbled on this site trying to ident. this Codd Bottle. Did not know what a Codd bottle was until I bought this at a garage sale. Thus the adventure begins. I am in kansas. Always liked old glass and have a few other medicine type bottles. Have been looking high and low. See no...

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