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    J B Smith’s Hair Invigorator & Restorative

    Picked this up today... not much found on google. It was advertised in a Butler, Pa newspaper in late 1800’s. Can’t find the bottle, anyone have information on where J B Smith was located?
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    Loose’ Red Clover Extract Detroit

    Picked this up a while back. Could not find much on the bottle? I like the label ... anyone know how rare / common it is?
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    A.D. Richmond New Bedford ... Spittoon??

    I picked this up at an antique store last week. I bought it because of the "A.D. Richmond New Bedford" stamping. He was an earlier 1800's coppersmith who's items seem very desirable. The object is copper with silver plating. The tag said "spittoon", but I have my doubts. The removable cone...
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    John O'Reilly Jersey City Hutch

    No, I don't mind at all. I use the hutchbook site for reference quite often. As a matter of fact, it was the only tag that came up on a google search for the John O'Reilly bottle. I noticed Ron didn't give it a Common, Scarce or Rare rating...that's part of why I was inquiring about rarity.
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    Cleveland blobs..a few unlisted

    I haven't posted in a while so I thought I would share some decent Cleveland blobs we've (my son lives in the Cleveland area and has started collecting) picked up over the past year. The Guenther is my favorite but the Schlitz is probably the coolest. I cannot find another Beltz in this style...
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    John O'Reilly Jersey City Hutch

    Thought maybe the Jersey collectors would have some idea on rarity. My son has gotten the bug and bought a group of sodas and this was in it. There is no has a bubble / amber streak running above the slug plate. The bottom is unusually rounded. Not much found with my google...
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    Use Phenix Plates - odd bottle

    The fluid (collodium and varnish) in this bottle was used in the old tin type and glass slide picture developing process. Phenix Plates was a brand of glass slides. The shape of the bottle was designed to help during the process.
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    Use Phenix Plates - odd bottle

    I do still have the bottle in my personal collection. I have been reluctant to part with it because it is the only one like it that I have seen.
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    Massillon Ohio bottles

    Always looking for Massillon Ohio and surrounding area bottles. Thanks, Rob
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    Flask - Blotted out embossing

    Thanks for the comments and ideas. No success thus far in taking better pictures or finding out more about the flask. Red Mathews - as for now it still remains a "bottle mystery"?
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    Flask - Blotted out embossing

    Pint strap sided flask with every letter blotted out. Thought maybe someone on the forum could match it up with one they have? It looks like two initials and the name "x x xxxxxx" / xxxxxx / xxxx . I was hoping the last two lines were city and state OHIO maybe? Any ideas?
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    Ohio beer bottle

    I graduated from Akron U, know the area well. I focus on Massillon bottles, but have a number of bottles from the other cities you mentioned. Anything particular your looking for? What do you have from Massillon (and Canton)?
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    Ohio beer bottle

    Nice version of the more common "S. T. B." bottles. Are you from the New Philly area?
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    Paterson Guru's Guru kinda day

    Hats off to the Guru's Guru. Documentation like that had to be awfully time consuming but very useful.
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    Pomeroy Blood & Liver Purifier - Rare?

    Thanks for the info all. Cazdigger,E-mail sent.
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    Pomeroy Blood & Liver Purifier - Rare?

    CazDigger. Any info from your Cortland friend?

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