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    Mayr's Wonderful Remedy - Any info?

    Thank you for the detailed info. =) Just want to point out, however, that the base is 6 1/4" x 2" x 1 5/8", not 1 1/8.
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    My First Poison (Bought)

    Ok, thank you very much!
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    My First Poison (Bought)

    Do you have an idea of the decade it was made? (I know some machine made bottles are later, while some could be as early as the 1890's...)
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    My First Poison (Bought)

    Oh! I had not expected it to possibly be a UK bottle! Thanks for replying! =)
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    My First Poison (Bought)

    4 3/4" tall green hexagonal (poison?) bottle, ribbed on three sides Definitely machine made. Seam goes all the way across the top of the lip. Nothing on the bottom except a '2'. Anyone know anything about this bottle? Thx
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    Royall Lyme/English

    Hello, Just had to chime in on this thread, because I recently bought a Royall Lyme bottle with a stopper, thinking it was at least 100 years old (chose it over an umbrella ink, and several other good bottles!) Found this on the internet when I got home: "4 years ago Hi. I've been identifying...
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    I have Access to an old bottling plant from 1870 to 1915 update

    Just noticed that you said "scarce" means that there are less than 100 of them out there. Does that definition work for any type of bottle? That was a hutch you were referring to, right? I also have a hutch that says is scarce... (A Puritas)
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    Digging finds from Sunday

    Do you still have any of your duplicates?
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    Digging finds from Sunday

    I thought it must be. Thanks for replying! =)
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    Digging finds from Sunday

    Is it a poison?
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    2022 Dive Season Keepers

    Wow! Nice!!!
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    Northern CA, SF Bay Area?

    Thank you! =)
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    Northern CA, SF Bay Area?

    Well, thank you for replying! I am not so new to the hobby, but totally new to digging, so I'm not in a position to lead an expedition yet. Also, I broke my hip the end of May, so I am not able to do any digging right now anyway, unfortunately...
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    I just went out for a walk!

    I know... But CA is so regulated - there's no place to just wander and look for bottles... =( Thanks for the encouragement!
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    I just went out for a walk!

    Wow! I am so jealous! I seriously need to move east - it sure sounds like you can just walk along and find good bottles... Happy for you! Hope you get a chance to go back before it's too late... =)
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    Info please

    Good deductive work!
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    Info please

    Wow! Even just the aqua for $4 would have been amazing! I'm so jealous! =)
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    Getting landowner permission to dig/creekwalk

    Thank you this info! <3
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    Cleaning out a shelf of stuff - should I throw these out?

    Wow! I hope you were joking. That was pretty harsh. You're probably right, but could have said it in a less obnoxious way...

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