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  1. The OC

    Rare Mountain Dew bottle HillyBilly

    This is gud news! I jus join'd yeterdays an you folks ar grate! I hava buncha sign'd Mountain Dew bott'ls and had no idea whats what. Likes I said, you folks ar cool.
  2. The OC

    Mountain Dew Bottle

    I can! I been sellin' on eBay fer years! Create a ligit acount. Simply mak sur yur logged in on yur acount, then look to the far rite of the usual "search" box and yul see the wurd "advanced" in small print. Hit it an bingo! Yur in charge now.
  3. The OC

    Howdy All!

    Well I'm not mucha a GOD-fearin' man, I fear womens mostly. Yur rite tho. California is a weurd place. I do prey our country nev'r sees civil devide agin THAT wuld be bad! The damn state is so BIG north/south... its mor like a country. The northen'rs hate the souther'ns and vis-versa... Youd...
  4. The OC

    Howdy All!

    Thanks guys! Whaat means ACL?
  5. The OC

    Howdy All!

    Holy smoks!!! Can u imagin?
  6. The OC

    Howdy All!

    Grate comment! Nuthin like a mesage in a bott'l! I found one once on a beach in Tahiti... all the way from Japan!
  7. The OC

    Howdy All!

    Caution is a good thang!
  8. The OC

    Howdy All!

    YeeHaw! Thanks Mailman'60! I like good pepl'. I met a buncha roten ones in my life. i can tel the diference.
  9. The OC

    Howdy All!

    Why thank you for everythin' Newtothiss!. This place is grate! So helpful. I done like you said and it wurk'd! Yes! Like a genie in a bott'l. No damage and ther sparklin'. To answ'r yur question, I'm not shur whare I wuz born, 'xactly. Sumewhere in wester'n Missouri. I was told my Pa was a...
  10. The OC

    Howdy All!

  11. The OC

    Howdy All!

    Why thank you kindly sir! I had an idear the market may be soft. But thats ok! I gots nuthin' better to with time and if'n someone gets a good deeal, all th'better! I thin its a win/win. You mite agree. I werk a lil' bit on stuff I found. They both'r to bid. I gets me a few bux and they culd...
  12. The OC

    If anyone could help

    Howdy Poe! They look like good finds. I jus' cum up on a bunch'a ol' 1960's Mountain Dew bottl's and i'm totaly lost. Good luck frend. Theo
  13. The OC

    Howdy All!

    Howdy All! I'm Teddy and I'm a hollerin'! Listen, please. I'm new 'round these parts and I need a li'l souther' hospitality. I come up agains' sum 16 vintage "filled by" Mountain Dew bott'ls. I aint rich and I sells to survive on ebay. I done looked over whats valuable and I'm tryin' to...

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