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    Light scratches and scuffs

    Who the F---k are you??? I dug those amber Willington fragments there at the old Rockville dump, not you! I`m Bill, but I NEVER brought anyone else to that dump, but someone else who knew about it did. There was a 4" or so layer towards to top of the dump in one area where I found those amber...
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    Dug a Trash Pit.

    That is a great color in a Bixby to find! Too badf it`s damaged, but it will still look great on your shelves!
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    Bottles cracking AFTER coming out of the ground

    Years ago I had dug a quart size Langley`s Bitters, I had washed that and the other bottles I dug in room temp water after they sat over night to get to be at room temp also. About 6 hours later I heard a loud PING, and found a large crack in the Langleys. I think that in the dump, the bottles...
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    BIXBY SHOE POLISH for trade

    Hi Dean, I just came back to this site siter being gone for a while. Any chance you still have these Bixby`s? the green one is the one I`m mostly interested in. Thanks! Bill
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    2017 Finds

    WOW! That Myer`s Rock Rose is a find of a lifetime, those others are really nice too!
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    Curious find

    It looks like they used the bottles as filler in the cement, like we use small stones back here in the east. To me this is worth more historically than what the bottles would be worth, leave it as it is! It doesn`t appear to be any valuable bottles in there anyways. Great piece!
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    Info Wanted On Kiderlen Rotterdam Green Barrel Gin Bottle

    I`m on Facebook quite a bit now, too cold to do much else some days. What is the name of it so I can find it? There are quite a few bottle collecting sites on there. 2find4me, that could very well be where he got the idea for the top, plus it`s such an odd shade of green, it could be the closest...
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    Info Wanted On Kiderlen Rotterdam Green Barrel Gin Bottle

    I knew there were case gins with the name, but what threw me off with this is the English embossing. It might be one of those that never gets figured out. Thanks for your help!
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    Info Wanted On Kiderlen Rotterdam Green Barrel Gin Bottle

    I picked this bottle up last weekend at our local bottle show, and I can`t find any info on it. It`s barrel shaped, 8 7/8" tall, and has a square slug plate on the front with "Kiderlen Rotterdam / Celebrated Old Gin" embossed in it. Unfortunately the neck and lip have been replaced with a top...
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    Rare Hutch?

    Hi guys, I just saw this thread and have a solution to your "Orange" problem. Orange is a good size town in mid-western Mass., definitely big enough to have a couple bottlers if they wanted to. The hutch was probably from a company that had a store or bottling plant in both Orange and Stoneham...
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    What Do These Lids Fit?

    Thanks for your help, I had done some more looking and thought that the one was for a Eureka jar, but wasn`t sure. Now I know for sure! The Eagle lid had me puzzled, it`s similar to other lids when you just have drawings to go by. Again, thanks for your help!
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    Mid 1800`s Pair Pressed & Blown Decanters

    Hi Red, thanks for the info! I see that I can get that book on eBay pretty cheap, so I`ll just get the whole book, there may be some other interesting things there too. Thanks for your help, I knew somebody here would know something or could find out where to look!
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    What Do These Lids Fit?

    I`ve been going through my boxes of jar lids that I`ve dug over the years, and I`ve been able to place all of them except for these 3. I`m hoping some of you jar nuts can help me out. I`ve gone through my jar books without much success, they don`t always give good descriptions of the lids. Has...
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    Strange Bird Feeder?

    It certainly looks like a fancy bird feeder to fit onto a real fancy Victorian bird cage.
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    Mid 1800`s Pair Pressed & Blown Decanters

    Hi Red, there aren`t any seems that I can see. There are 9 lines going up from the top of the panels and extending right up to the top, which I think might be from mold marks that were carried upward when the neck and shoulders were stretched and formed. I could be totally wrong about that also...
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    Mid 1800`s Pair Pressed & Blown Decanters

    I picked this pair of decanters up at a local flea market last year, and I`d like to find out who made them, if possible. I know that is asking a lot with this early glass, but someone here may know the pattern or something else about them that may ring a bell. I doubt that the stoppers belong...
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    Cobalt Tippecanoe Style Top, What Was It?

    That`s the bottle I was thinking of. Hopefully I can find more of it, or maybe even a whole one! Even if I don`t, it`s still nice to have part of one anyways. Thanks to everyone for their help!
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    Northampton, Mass. Batter Jug

    My other addiction is antique engines and iron, and I found this in the flea market of the Central Mass. Gas & Steam Engine Club`s show in Orange, Mass. last year. It`s a pottery batter jug made by the Crafts Pottery in Whately, Mass. in the 1860`s-70`s. It`s stamped "Sold By Augustus` Clarke...
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    Cobalt Tippecanoe Style Top, What Was It?

    I found this top while digging in back of my house on the bank of the brook. It is very similar to the mushroom type top on a Tippecanoe bottle, but it`s cobalt blue. I`ve looked through my bottle books and can`t find anything. I remember way back in maybe the late 1970`s that there was an...

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