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    Strange effect

    Hi, Have You ever had such effect of bottle cleaning? Neck of the bottle is crystal, rest of bottle is misty. Bottle was 2x 5 days with aluminium oxide.
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    Mist after cleaning

    Hi Leon. Thank You for advices. Thank You for advice. I have two more questions: * Do You think it's possible to take out this mist with aluminium oxide? If yest - how long will it take? * What kind of aluminium oxide You use? Can it be just for polishing purposes or specific micron/grit?
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    Mist after cleaning

    I would like to show You another bottle. It get misty again. Previously I got totally different effect. The only thing I change: * I add one more tube and machine speed up from 65rpm to 73 rpm * I bought new silicon carbide. Mabe they mixed 1000 with 1200?
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    Mist after cleaning

    Thank You :)
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    Mist after cleaning

    My machine rotete 72-73 rotates per minute. It's too fast?
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    Damaged bottle

    Hi, Fixing in tube broke. It damaged a bottle because it was running whole night and part of the day. Is there any option to polish damaged part of bottle? Do You have any experience in this?
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    Mist after cleaning

    Hi, I'm not satisfied with final effect of bottle cleaning. Bottle looks much betteter than before but is still misty. Bottle was cleaned following way: * 3 days 1000 silicon carbide * 3 days 1200 silicon carbide * 3 days aluminium oxide What can I do to make it crystal clear?
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    Varnish bottle

    Hi, I bought very rare bottle. As bottle was in terrible condition previous owner cover bottle with varnish to make it looks better. It looks terrible for me. Do You think silicon carbide 800 or 1000 in tumble machine can take away varnish? Mabe I should use muriatic water before tumbling...

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