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    Hassinger & Petterson bottle with errors

    It's odd that the mold errors don't seem to do much for value. Occasionally a collector who is doing a run might pay a little more for a mold error but that's about it. Jim G
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    Black Glass bottle found scuba diving in the bahamas

    I think Harry got his pics from Willy Van Den Bossche, Antique Glass Bottles, their History and Evolution. But it wouldn't be worth $400 to buy it used on line... Unless you made a collection of black glass. Jim G
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    Black Glass bottle found scuba diving in the bahamas

    Harry Pristis hasn't been on here since January unfortunately. He's the resident black glass expert. He used to have post charts showing the evolution of black glass form. That appears to me to be a mallet of some sort. My guess based on the form of the lip is early 1800s. Probably...
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    It's a pity that food bottles don't pull more money. That one is a neat one. Certainly not one I've ever seen on the east coast. And I've only seen "This bottle is never sold" on soda and beer bottles, mainly soda. Never seen it on a food or condiment bottle before. Jim G
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    Inherited bottle

    somewhere 1820-1850, probably closer to the former then the latter as the urn form seems to have been popular pretty early. Looks like an Urn on one side and an eagle on the other. I'd need a real good look at the embossing to be able to match it to a McKearin number, which is what the GII...
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    Hello ! A few bottles I've picked up in thrift stores over the last 10 years or so, dating help please ?

    The squat ale is almost certainly stoddard with that pontil. the two patent flasks are new england, harder to nail down but probably also stoddard. Those and the aqua pontiled bottle are all in the roughly 1850-1870 range, leaning more towards civil war or pre... Age was what you were...
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    Rare defect

    I've got a couple of umbrella inks with the bird swing. Really neat but doesn't add any value. Mold and blowing defects always seem so neat but rarely add value for some reason. Jim G
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    Estate sale grabs!

    Any idea what the story is on the box around the gin bottle? Jim G
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    A VERY LATE throw!

    That's exactly what I was thinking. Wonder if it was some old civil war vet. Love to know the stories that flask could tell. Jim G
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    A VERY LATE throw!

    Am I seeing a TON of high point wear? I bet someone carried that in a pocket for decades. Jim G
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    Late 1800’s small square bottle help

    That was my thinking. it's just a little too big for a table top ink and certainly too small for a master. Jim G
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    Late 1800’s small square bottle help

    It's not really proportioned right for an ink. Jim G
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    Antique bottles - value sought

    The chestnuts are nice. Oldest and most valuable of your shown items. I'm not an expert on those but I'd say early to mid 1800s on those, maybe a bit older. Jim G
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    Winter finds

    It looks a little like a smith and wesson model 1. If so, made for a long time, 1857 to late 1800s. I can't tell for sure though. Jim G
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    Looking for a value.

    The sticky ball pontiled version shown in the original post pretty much, in that color, with that form with the pontil, has to be a several hundred dollar bottle. We'd need pics of Roy's friend's bottle to be able to say more. Sounds like the one that sold on ebay was a bad listing, fairly...
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    Digging finds from Sunday

    The southern is an ink for sure, and not one that I have seen listed anywhere. I may have seen southern in relation to ink before but not that one. It will have ink collector value (heck I want it) and probably Richmond VA collector interest as well. Jim G
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    Who can guess what this fully says

    Boy they sold a lot of that stuff back in the day. When we were digging in Vermont back in the 1970s you would find those often. Jim G
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    Ink Bottle?

    bottle for perfume atomizer I'd say. That narrow base is not conducive to a good ink bottle. You'd spill ink for sure. Jim G
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    how long has "3 in 1 Oil" been around??

    Forgot that stuff is still out there. Jim G

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