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    Can anyone tell me what this is?

    Certainly appears to be freeblown, but doesn't fit into the usual range of forms/style we are used to seeing, so together with the unusual "brightness" of colour, most would want to see closeups of lip and pontil mark at least before confirming it's age. There are plenty of repro/modern...
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    Thanks for your comments guys, hope you are noting the seller id and making sure you aren't caught out by the same problem.
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    yes I came out on top thanks...they refunded me like I said in the post...but no my whole business depends on trust and I'm always amazed how honest 99% of people on the internet are... :)
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    RESULTS!!!!!!!!!FINALLY, after a lot of back and forth and hassle, including having to go to my local police station and get a crime number.....which they couldn't give me, but put me onto the national Internet Fraud Police department (based in London) who I rang through all the details and they...
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    Still having to wait for this guy to respond, but hopefully i get the opportunity to get ebay to make a decision tomorrow...
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    Well we've all heard about these and some of us have had them....and I shall just wait a few days for the guy to reply before I hit back, but a very nice empty box arrived a little while ago from America with what should have been a nice piece of Nailsea inside, but as the box was A. way too...
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    Witch bottle found during Newark Civil War Centre dig

    ...and I have got a barnful of witchbottles that haven't been filled yet!Though I DO have a witch stone, which is just a stone that sticks out of the wall (It's a 200 year old Cornish granite cottage) that is (was) supposed to catch the witch flying on her broomstick unawares and stop her flying...
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    How to ruin a perfectly good bottle

    Eric, you can go into your facebook settings and make sure you only get notifications from REAL friends or none at all. It's usually quite simple. I'm afraid I'm having to admit that FB is beginning to dominate the scene and if my new FB group is anything to go by, then the whole system is...
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    Pontil black glass !

    ah sorry too late, lft this on my laptop overnight and can see now you have managed to clean it ok. Yes I would recommend now you seal it with some pva to keep the moisture in etc. Yes value as dw3000 says, and certainly more from the right market with contents. This could easily be double or...
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    Pontil black glass !

    Cleaning the cork depends a little on where it has been kept. Obviously a slightly stiff paintbrush to remove the dry dust and earthy deposits. Some bluetak may remove some further detritus. But it depends very much what there is covering the cork. I can only suggest experimenting carefully with...
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    Pontil black glass !

    Oh please don't ever remove any original contents! The bottle is French or possibly Belgian, c1770-1790, freeblown, blowpipe pontil, classic wine bottle for that era and place (that base edge mark is just a random manufacture aspect, not anything specifically caused by pontil tools or anything)...
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    luckey to find these umbrellas

    We certainly hardly ever find pontilled inks here in UK, you guys are so lucky with this period..:) facebook group: Earlyglass for sale & show
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    slick clear pontiled utilitys do they have any value

    For all our massive range of bottles etc we find here, you guys certainly find pontilled much easier than us, (or else we haven't gotten onto digging the privies etc yet!). A good amount of our pre1850 stuff with pontils got recycled, so even though these aren't tremendous value it would be...
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    Bottle Seal

    That IS a "J"....when you have an "I" that has a centre serif it is or was a "J" so this is Jervis. Would ave been either a squat or cylinder.
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    Need help with early bottle

    Yes that's so true Eric. One of my other pet subjects is the referring of the well known Cologne water phials, the very long very slim bottles with long necks, some quite early- c1700, right up to c1840 molded, as being "WINE TASTERS" aaaarrrrrgh!!!!! particularly by US collectors who don't...
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    Need help with early bottle

    Image of a traditional stonemason's mallet, showing the general proportions and some of the characteristics necessary for a mallet bottle... Hope that helps.While I'm here, I was looking through M&K's "bible" (American Bottles & Flasks and their ancestry) the other day and noticed a major, major...
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    Need help with early bottle

    Sorry, it's not a mallet. A mallet would be anything between 1720-1760 and needs a wide body not much taller than the neck length. The term mallet comes from the stonemason's and early woodcarver's mallets which are a distinctive shape, with a generally tapering body side as well. This term is...
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    Onion bottles??

    Yes, I'm afraid Bonhams Is often one of the worst. The long established name really means nothing in these circumstacesn and it more depends what actualy guy/girl actually bothered to look at your items and what they personally knew about. Believe me I spend a lot of time (and money!) at...
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    What has happened to the early glass posts?

    I'm the same, only in my dreams would I ever FIND anything like I sell. I have to buy and sell everything, and that is the unfortunate bit - having to sell even the very nice bits. BUT at least I CAN buy some of these things in knowing that I will get that money back, and I can therefore enjoy...
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    Onion bottles??

    Can only agree with you Eric. I'm afraid most UK Auction houses know very little about early bottles. I'd say early 20thC

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