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    Seeking to contact you about your Sand Bank N.Y. bottles. I am super interested in buying them...

    Seeking to contact you about your Sand Bank N.Y. bottles. I am super interested in buying them. thanks, Mark Texas Rancher
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    Hi from the middle of nowhere!!

    I was thinking baby food bottle...but of's a wide mouth paint bottle for model airplanes.
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    U S MAIL

    Great bottle...maybe you can get a reproduction sticker it on your bottle and sell it for $1,300. I bet you that bottle is worth $500. as-is purplish. Great find.
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    My years long search for a bottle display solution come to fruition at last.

    I sure do like looking at everyone's special bottle collection and what individuals are collecting. We all are a strange group of people...myself included....people would laugh at what I'm collecting. I only collect Sand Bank N.Y. blob-top soda bottles....and they're getting really difficult to...
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    Summer bottle additions

    Scott, even though you disappeared from the face of the Earth...permit me to answer your questions on "William March". There wasn't a person called William March in Sand Bank N.Y.. Here's the briefing on Sand Bank Bottles: W. M. & B. CO. / SAND BANK, N. Y. W.M. Rich / Wilbert Barnes Approx...
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    Am new here in posting, but been stalking and learning from the site for a couple of years :)

    Leon you're a good guy..sure wish someone would throw on a Sand Bank N.Y. bottle on E-Bay for $500. and see what happens. ;)
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    Good Stories from bottle hunting in the 1960s/70s/80s

    Most of the smart old-time hoarders-burying their silver, long before metal detectors...usually put them in pottery-crock pots or wide mouth glass they knew the steel-metal cans would not last in the ground and coins would not be keep clean and together. That hoard of gold coins found...
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    Good Stories from bottle hunting in the 1960s/70s/80s

    Was hunting in 1970 to 75 in upstate N.Y....every colonial to 1890's home standing or gone had a place where they dumped their household used-up steel and glass...from their wagons. Usually right off the side of the road and usually in gullies in and near rock-lined fences. Farming was...
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    Summer bottle additions

    Yes Leon Thank you, i saw that after the fact...I did private message him yesterday too. If anyone can find him and link him to me...i'll provide a finder's fee. I REALLY NEED his bottles. Hopefully he'll part with them...after spending 40 years seaching for them.
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    Summer bottle additions

    Scott, I'd be interested in buying your two Sand Bank bottles, W.M.& B. and Megan & March if you're willing to part with them for a princely sum?
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    Hey everyone! I'm new & wanted to say hello

    I would put them back in the hole too...but we must a serious collector that likes these moderned common machine-made clorox bottles...that would be their passion and delight. Bottles don't need to be rare to be desired. It's not about the's the chase and buying when you...
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    WTB Wanted: Sand Bank N.Y. Blob Top Soda Bottles: namely, W.M. & B. CO. and MEGAN & MARCH

    Seeking two specific bottles: W.M. & B. CO. and MEGAN & MARCH both are from SAND BANK N.Y. embossed. Paying well north of $330. for each type.
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    Boss spend $1350 on a storage unit but nothing good in it at all

    Back in the late 80's early 90's we went to a few of these storage unit sales...long before THEY became HOT...I always bid $13.13 and won almost all I bid on. I was very careful about what i bid on...BECAUSE you became the responsible party to clean them out completely and sweep them. Back then...
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    Some new Hutch's in Collection.

    Leon, Just put up any "Sand Bank N.Y." bottle onto E-Bay...I'm always looking...I'll find it and buy it. Thanks!
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    Some new Hutch's in Collection.

    Wow, I'm amazed at the beauty and colors of your collection. You wouldn't happen to have a "Sand Bank N.Y." Blob top in your collection? I could pay you a princely sum. How big a number? Big!
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    Got the shock of my life today digging this.

    I found about 20 of them when i was a boy in Upstate N.Y., all different cool colors too...every one had the neck/top broke off. It's just it rolls. I have a theory that men riding on their wagons....use to strong arm iron pontils with try shatter it and something else...
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    Hello! Is this common..?

    Wondering...are the old crates collectible and can they be worth more than the bottles they contained?
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    Hello Everyone- Collector on Two Missions seeking your help

    Good insights on a newbie to this forum. I'm here only for Sand Bank N.Y. bottles. To answer your's state land, not private, easy access, quiet comfortable place where you can even bring your fishing gear and fish the small brook trout there (i did and cooked up trout)...and...
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    Hello Everyone- Collector on Two Missions seeking your help

    Hello Everyone, I’ll introduce myself and then described the two missions I need your help with. I’m Mark Larson, born in Watertown N.Y. in 1963, I’m 60. I lived in Mannsville N.Y. for the first 15 years of my life. When I was 8 to 12 years old I was digging old blue bottles out of numerous...

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