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    Rare Ball Jar

    Amazing. Only second example I've seen in all my years of collecting. Been looking out for one hoping to uncover an example collecting dust somewhere but no luck yet. Sent from my moto g stylus (2021) using Tapatalk
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    Old Ball Jar

    Your jar isn't one converted from a Ball mason but altered from the DREY PERFECT MASON after Ball bought the company. One of the few Dropped A non underscore jars to find. Look close at your embossing you should see ghosting of the DREY and maybe the long tailor the Y under Ball. Sent from my...
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    58 and 1858

    They are out there but you have to look around and be patient. Most are in collections and show up on auctions. I had around a dozen at one time with midgets and pints mixed but all got sold but two. I was forced to sell my jars back in 08 when I list my job. Some I'll never get back for being...
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    58 and 1858

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    Reworked molds and name changes on jars.

    Ball was very well known to use their moulds and alter them until they plum wore out. You will find many altered mould jars that Ball reworked from the purchase of other glass companies. Ball purchased quite a few other glass companies and altered their moulds to have their name on them. Some...
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    Early Coca Cola bottles

    Ive got these two Coke bottles my Uncle gave me years ago that are are similar yet alittle different. Both have Washington DC and the design around the base. One with it in a slugplate and its a tad shorter. These are the only ones ive seen but i dont look for soda bottles. Seen many an old Coke...
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    First mason jar I've dug. ID help?

    Some of these can be found with -Atlas- at the top above Mason. I'd say around the turn of the century 1900 to 1909. Around 1910 the bead seal jars started replacing shoulder seal jars. Sent from my moto g(6) forge using Tapatalk
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    Pepsi bottle

    Thanks for the info Sent from my moto g(6) forge using Tapatalk
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    Pepsi bottle

    I've had this bottle for quite a few years now. My Uncle dug it many years ago and gave it to me before he passed away along with others. I grew up across the river from Brunswick Md so local kinda. Never seen another are these scarce anyone know? Sent from my moto g(6) forge using Tapatalk
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    Found this unique Ball script 3l dropped a. Test jar?

    There us actually a very rare quart with interrupted threads that are very short. Kind of like a product jar with a short screw on lid withal slight twist. Here is what the mouth looks like on it... Been hoping to find one but no luck... I'll post a pic when I find my book... Sent from my...
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    Found this unique Ball script 3l dropped a. Test jar?

    It's a typical 3L Ball Mason. from 1896-1910. Quite common and normal for this series jar. Sent from my 0PM92 using Tapatalk
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    Ball Improved HG

    That's a gorgeous colored Improved. I used to collect Ball jars and had around 800 at one time but sold off a lot back in 2008 when I lost my job. Bought quite a few from Bob Clay and conversed with him a lot. I'm sad to lean recently of his passing it had been awhile since i talked to him...
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    Jars, bottles,etc

    I'll get some pics of various jars I have shortly. Got a lot going on with winter approaching cutting , splitting wood, etc... Soon Sent from my 0PM92 using Tapatalk
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    Jars, bottles,etc

    Hello all, Just joined up here for the heck of it. I didnt know where to start so posted here. Not new to collecting bottles but new here. I used to collect fruit jars and had around 800 or so but in 2008 when the economy went south I lost my job like everyone else and had to sell off most of...

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