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    Kind of a strange ceramic insulator

    Most open-wire telephone lines in America and Canada used cylindrical, ceramic, termination insulators where the line started or ended. But they didn't look like this. Truth be known, I've never seen anything exactly like this. In fact, I am not 100% certain that this is an insulator at all...
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    Too many insulators

    Jeny, You said that you found a lot of insulators from walks along the tracks? This is probably because American railroads were the last ones to use open-wire communication lines. Open-wire lines along railroad tracks were used for telegraph and later telephone and also what was known as "code...
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    Arizona Telephone Line Mystery

    Dear “Canadian Bottles”, Your comment about insulators from that era is also, very likely, spot on. Years ago, when I was on that afore mentioned insulator forum, there was a discussion thread about a single-wire telegraph line that once stretched across the Yuma desert which was very old and...
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    Arizona Telephone Line Mystery

    Dear “Canadian Bottles”, I think that is probably as good a theory as any. Although it’s also true that the Forest Service had a few lines like that to monitor fire activity especially in the days before they had radios. However, since I seem to recall that the line ended somewhere in the...
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    Am I on the right track (Pun Intended)

    I've always been interested in interurbans and I was wondering, where is this exactly? I read through the thread, and didn't see where you said where this was located although I may have overlooked that.
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    Arizona Telephone Line Mystery

    Dear Group, This is gonna be a really LONG shot, but I was hoping someone might be able to solve or address a small mystery for me. It’s a rather long shot but I’d like to try. I grew up in Arizona in the 1950’s and ‘60’s and around 1969, when I was in high school, we drove up to Payson, AZ on...

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