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  1. 70circa

    Medalta butter churn #8

    new addition to my collection, #8 butter churn
  2. 70circa

    Scott Cod Liver Oil, Amber Or Brown Embossed !940's

    same bottle, Atlantic province of New Brunswick, see picture, cod liver oil.
  3. 70circa

    Evangeline 30 ozs-1940- Seven up maritime ltd

    One of my first bottle, the “Evangeline” was in black ,but used a harsh soap :(
  4. 70circa

    Uranium green Vaseline,depression glass safe?

    o_OThanks for your info, it now go’s,,in a box ;)
  5. 70circa

    Black glass…

    There’s still dried Red wine inside after all this time,,,;) 1890,
  6. 70circa

    Uranium green Vaseline,depression glass safe?

    Safe to clean, safe for wear as jewellery?..? seen a ring looked sooooo unique!
  7. 70circa

    Lantigen C vaccine

  8. 70circa

    Case Gin

  9. 70circa

    Glass Vials with real cork

    Any idea of age or contents?
  10. 70circa

    Case Gin

    seen different colours but not like this one, have you?
  11. 70circa

    Black glass…

    Hi everyone, any idea of origin,date or value…. ? Inside there’s a dark red residue, see picture .Thanks for any info
  12. 70circa

    Dominion glass, #1, full,cork

  13. 70circa

    Square bottles and what is the other?..

    Any info will be appreciated, thanks
  14. 70circa

    CROWN mason jar

  15. 70circa


  16. 70circa


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