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    Religious Bottle

    I am sure this must have been used in the church. Was thinking maybe for holy water but not sure. the bottle is 3 1/2" long and was originally on a chain. Any thoughts on age or use? Thanks in advance!
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    Identifying Old Bottle

    It does not show up in the photo very well as it is not that deep and I just could not get close enough with the camera but it is definitely there.
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    Violin shaped bottle

    Happy 4th! I have a bottle, pretty sure it was a perfume bottle, shaped like a violin with a handle. Any ideas on age or what the bottle held? It is very light, hand blown I am sure, and stands 3" tall.
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    Identifying Old Bottle

    Thanks so much! Any idea on age? I am guessing mid to late 1800's
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    Identifying Old Bottle

    Greetings, my first venture on to this site. This is a small Hand Blown Glass Bottle. The base does have the pontil scar. It is only 3 1/4" long. Any ideas what it might have been from? Thanks in advance!

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