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  1. J

    Tequila Bottle?

    You know, after thinking about what you said, and what's on the bottom of the bottle, I'd have to say this isn't a tequila bottle. The "Federal Law..." is a US deal, the distillery number D-334 applies to US distilleries. And tequila isn't made in the US. D-334 appears to be connected to the...
  2. J

    Tequila Bottle?

    No, I already figured it wasn't a collector's item, I was just curious as to what it is. Thanks for the reply.
  3. J

    Tequila Bottle?

    The bottom and stopper
  4. J

    Tequila Bottle?

    I have a bottle, I think it's tequila, that was in my grandparents' house for years. It's stamped on the bottom with "Federal Law Forbids Sale...", so I'm pretty sure it's liquor. It has what I take to be agave leaf molded into the glass. It's recessed, not raised, and the same leaf is also on...
  5. J


    No, I'm not. I have a few odds and ends that were in my grandparents house - some nice blue Ball Mason jars with the one-piece lid, RC Cola salt/pepper shakers, a few telephone insulators, Levi Garrett snuff bottles. The "tequila" bottle has always intrigued me, it had been in their house for as...
  6. J


    I came here looking for info on what I think is a tequila bottle. I'll post pics and descriptions directly, but wanted to at least say hello (and get my two probationary posts out of the way) before jumping right in asking for help.

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