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  1. SleepySleuth

    Black Purple Perfume or small Flask with incised swastika on base --( any origin, date thoughts ???)

    Hi guys.. I found this little (4.5" tall) pretty black purple bottle filled with dirt where a new sidewalk was being made. Not sure if it came in with dirt or was part of the excavation. There were also a few other bottles, aqua or bottle green .. embossed medicine bottles. This was the stand...
  2. SleepySleuth

    New Member

    hi Chuck, I'm also brand new. This community has been such a great find. Wecome.
  3. SleepySleuth

    Anyone Familiar With A.T. & CO. ( not AT&T..which is every search) ?

    The glass has a rose tint to it now from exposure, it looks like. I'm wondering if there are more below the surface but I've never heard this company, someone else maybe does? With the many variations of letters & Co.. I checked the antique bottle database and the EAG museum- which got me exited...
  4. SleepySleuth

    Got Back in the River Today 5/23

    Thanks a lot for doing the research for me, too! Unfortunately I didn't find a whole bottle. I just found a base. Maybe I should dig a bit deeper.
  5. SleepySleuth

    Hi! I am also a Massachusettsan. Is that right? I am bad to listen to Alexa. Kinda fun though...

    Hi! I am also a Massachusettsan. Is that right? I am bad to listen to Alexa. Kinda fun though. Either way, I like Massachusettian better. Are you north or south of Boston ? I'm also looking for a dig friend.
  6. SleepySleuth

    Pink Pills Container

    Do not forget Nurse Juniper's Silver Salve for Sideways Salesmen.

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