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  1. J

    ID on a clay/ceramic marble

    It is mid to late 19th century. Bennington Vt pottery made earthenware ceramics with somewhat similar glaze which is why bottle diggers call all of these brown, red, blue or green marble “Bennington “ but it really is a type name and not an attribution to a factory. They were made all over the...
  2. J

    What is this?

    It is a modern repro. It’s copying a loaf of bread bottle. European 18th century
  3. J

    Has anyone seen one of these?

    Roy, Don’t know dates on WMB Keuthen specifically but can give you some info. Bottle is a strap sided union oval flask. Product was almost certainly a whiskey. The embossed words FULL MEASURE were the registered trademark of a glass jobbing company called A.G. Smaller & Co when was first in...

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