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    Herve & Carbon Arizona Hutch On epay

    I have listed a Herve & Carbon applied top hutch on ebay. It is listed as being from tombstone arizona, and the last one on ebay was sick and chipped and sold for over a hundred. It is really cool so I though someone may be interested in it on here and may not have seen it...
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    An important flask purchase

    Hi all, This week I was very lucky to have addded one of my personal top 5 most wanted flasks to my collection. This list included unusual and unique shapes and designs rather than color. This one is a GII-19 Eagle / Morning glory flask. I remember going through the Mckearins guide and noticing...
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    Lafayette Masonic Flask

    These Lafayette flasks are very popular, their prices hold pretty well. Its a great piece.
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    Tchula Bottling Works Tchula Mississippi Soda

    anyone know anything about this soda? picked it up because it had an odd name. Not what I collect at all but it was unique. Thanks!
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    Winter Colors

    Great pics! Love the scroll!
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    Historical Flask Color

    Thanks guys! Today I brought home a new display cabinet with thick glass shelves and an open back so natural lighting can get through. The bottles in the display are ones I keep out, my better pieces are not on display, but I filled a shelf to take a picture. Thanks again!
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    Historical Flask Color

    Hi all, thought I would post a few photos of some historical flasks I had out because the winter snow and sunlight really shined today.
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    Big Blue scroll among others

    I had to move some shelves to get my quart blue scroll to fit in my lighted cabinet and I figured Id post the results I need more scrolls Thanks for looking!
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    Imperial Gin - H.H.S.&Co. - L&W Help

    Hi all, I acquired this a few days ago and I cant find one ever to have sold. It a really unique shape and name being an american gin bottle. I know the maker is Lorenz & Wightman of Pittsburgh, but anything else about this piece I cant track down. Being a flask collector i'd like to know if...
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    An insulator?

    looks like a CD-1000, too bad it looks cracked in half sadly, but still, an early piece of telegraph history. Should have a little value even being damaged however. Pretty neat piece
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    New scroll flask

    Hi all! Thanks! Im very glad to have been able to add this to my collection! Next up is an orange or a teal I believe Heres some of my pint scrolls! Enjoy!
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    New scroll flask

    Hey all! Just wanted to share this new scroll I was finally able to add to my collection! After months of wanting the seller finally let it go, but at a price but I will probably never have another opportunity at a scroll flask in this citron color again! Enjoy!
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    wanted - colored quart scroll flask

    Hey all, I'm looking for a colored quart scroll, preferably amber or a green shade to compliment my cobalt If you know of anyone who may have one let me know as well! Thanks!
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    Small Amber Pontiled Utility With Applied top?

    I thought so as well but wasn't sure. The first thing that actually came to my mind was mini whiskey cylinder when I saw it haha
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    Small Amber Pontiled Utility With Applied top?

    Just got this today! I'm not too sure what to make of it as i'm more of a historical flask guy so i'm looking or opinions. Its about 3-3/4" tall so its pretty small. It also has a pontil of some sorts as well as a crude applied top. It has some great striations as well! Check it out! let me know...
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    Historical flask tumbling

    Hi all, I just purchased a very delicate scroll flask, a gix-20 which is a scarce mold, but it has an overall rainbow iridescence. I was wondering if anyone had an email to a person who would be able to tumble flasks. I know its hard to do but I've seen some flasks which have been cleaned and...
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    Some listed on the bay

    exactly! What they like funds my flask and insulator addictions haha! there's a certain scroll on the bay i just gotta have for my mold collection so anything helps!
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    Some listed on the bay

    I have heard that too and I have to agree haha! Now what I wanna know is what a half pint 13 would be worth! I have an amish fellow who always stops and asks if ive found one as he wants to buy it :)
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    Some listed on the bay

    out of all the 13 jars ive ever found, which was quite a few for them to be so called desirable, I have sold all of them. Honestly I cant believe that the market for these things is still like it is but the people who buy them do pay a little for them :( I've been told through the years that...

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