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    Coin identification

    Sorry thought it uploaded
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    Coin identification

    Was out bottle digging found this coin it is exactly the same on both sides no date no stamp just "100" on both sides cannot find it anywhere online if anyone can help be greatly appericated
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    Bell drugs 52nd & chester ave

    Well I just within the past year got into bottle digging so I'm not to familiar with all the different ones yet but I live in schuylkill county and where the town mackeysburg used to be is where I live I try to dig as much as possible
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    Bell drugs 52nd & chester ave

    I dug the bottle so I guess its a win either way
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    Bell drugs 52nd & chester ave

    Looking for some info and a price on this bottle if anyone can help please
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    Simmermon's dairy Williamstown N.J pint

    recently dug this bottle looking for any info and a possible worth?
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    Looking for some bottle pricing

    here are some of the bottles I found if anybody knows prices or if they're interested in buying them let me know
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    Looking for some bottle pricing

    New to this just started digging I'm from schuylkill county can I post what I been finding and someone give me a general idea of prices or info on them please and thanks

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