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    Milk Bottles Wanted!!!

    I'm in search of or looking for McArthur Jersey Farm Dairy milk bottles from Miami,Florida. I'm also interested in Miami,West Palm Beach,Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas South Florida milk bottles.
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    Lemon City,Fla milk bottle

    Looking to trade a white belt dairy embossed slug plate quart from lemon city Florida for a white belt half pint lemon city Florida Thanks.
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    Wow! Sorry to hear that but yes I like to buy on ebay or go to thrift stores and antique stores as well. Like to trade also with other collectors :)
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    South Florida Milk Bottles

    Looking for South Florida Milk Bottles also have a extra qt white belt lemon city, florida embossed to trade for others Thanks
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    Milk bottle trading

    [attachment=image(YE).jpg] [attachment=image.jpg]
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    Milk bottle trading

    I have a extra white belt dairy lemon city fla milk bottle if interested in doing a trade Thanks
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    Looking for Milk bottles from west palm beach,florida

    Hello everyone i'm looking for milk bottles from the West Palm Beach Florida area if anyone has any for sale please let me know or if you could find them at your local antique stores and bottle shows thanks
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    Star Dairy Bottle collectors

    How much for all of them
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    Anyone have extra milks from florida that would like to trade for other milks Thanks.
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    Come on think positive you can get it some times I've had to go over my price range to optain a hard bottle that I wanted to add to my collection so just go over a little bit more on your price range you won't regret it.
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    Milk Bottle

    I have a extra white belt dairy lemon city,fla embossed quart if anyone wants to do a trade for another milk let me know just pm me shoot over some pics of what you have Thanks.
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    Mcarthur Dairy

    I'm looking for Mcarthur Jersey Farm Dairy milk bottles from Miami,Fla if you find any please let me know Thanks.
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    Milk bottle trade

    Can you send me a pic
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    Would love some info on this T.MULCARE BOTTLER NORTH ADAMS.MASS BOTTLE.
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    South Florida Milk Bottles

    Looking for milk bottles from Lake Worth Dairy Lake Worth,Fla and West Palm Beach Slug Plate milk bottles.
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    Lake view dairy milk bottle Eustis,Fla

    I have a lake view dairy farm one pint embossed in very good condition from eustis,fla if some one wants to trade with me for another fla milk pm me if interested in working out a trade.
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    Milk bottle trade

    Do you have any south florida milks and if you can send me a picture Thanks.

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