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    My backyard must have been a late 1800s to 1900s dump site

    Very neat Jonny. I too have a dump in my backyard. :) I live in rural Northern Calif. near the Oregon border on a mountainside. Like RCO said, almost everyone here just dumped their garbage over the hill or out back somewhere in the old days. I have found dozens and dozens of old milk...
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    New life for broken bottles!

    Very nice! Did you cut them with a Dremel? Nevermind. I saw your other thread. Great idea though!
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    "Picture" Druggist/Pharmacy bottles - Pics of all known ones here in one thread

    Your bottles are beautiful stephengray. Thanks for sharing.
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    Re-Purposing Broken Bottles

    That's a great idea. Let us know how it works out.
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    found a bottle it seemed fine , then it cracked in 2

    I totally agree. I had to learn the hard way NOT to use hot water or even moderately hot when washing bottles. I had two nice ones that I dug with no appearances of any cracks and they both broke in half washing them in moderately hot water.
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    Bar Keepers Friend

    Thanks for the tip. I tried this on a couple of bottles that had white scale marks on the inside that I couldn't get off. I got the BTF and used it with water and some small, smooth fish tank gravel that I got at Walmart for cheap. I just rocked the bottles back and forth for awhile, let them...
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    Old Rusty Dented cone top beer can. Before & After pic.

    Good job! What did you use to get most of the rust off?
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    $1500. for a local dairy milk jug on ebay seriously ?

    I live in a little rural Calif. town near the Oregon border and I can tell you anything with my town's name on it or any of the neighboring towns on Ebay are going through the roof but especially the milk and medicine bottles. They're nowhere near those prices but I'm amazed how they've...
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    Some Bottles We Recently Dug Up In Our "Back Yard".

    Hi Leon, Funny you should mention that as we have found old beer cans in the past. Unfortunately I don't collect them and gave them to a gent I knew awhile back who did. If we find any more I'll let you know. Hi Jim, Thanks for your welcome and I try hard in my old age not to judge anymore...
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    Some Bottles We Recently Dug Up In Our "Back Yard".

    Thanks for your response RCO but as I said above, they weren't anything special or "interesting" but just posting what we recently found. Sorry they didn't interest you. Any bottles you dig on your own property are "special". You are correct that most of the bottles we've found here are from...
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    Some Bottles We Recently Dug Up In Our "Back Yard".

    First post, so hello fellow and lady bottle lovers! I've been into dairy bottles, pop bottles, jars, you name it for over 30 years. My first love is local dairy bottles but I love all glass. I had a fairly extensive pop bottle, Mason and Ball jar collection but pared down several years ago as...

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