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    West Philada. Bottle

    Great information, thank you very much
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    West Philada. Bottle

    Hi again you people with knowledge. I have a bottle that I have problems to identify. It's 9 1/4" high. Embossed lettering, Front: Wm MOTT, 816 N 48 th St, WEST PHILADA. Back: THIS BOTTLE NOT TO BE SOLD. Nothing on the bottom Is this a soda bottle? How old do you guys think it is?
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    1954 Coca Cola bottling co base

    Hi, I'm puzzled by this bottle and my research just hits dead ends, maybe someone here can tell me something about this bottle. The embossed letters on the bottoms indicates that it is an Owens-Illinois bottle made in Alton,IL 1954, so not very old. Embossed letters on the bottom "PROP. OF...
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    Wichita bottling works

    I have not tried to clean it
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    Wichita bottling works

    Can anyone fill in the blanks? I have a bottle that gives me grey, eeeh greyer hair. It has embossed letters "WICHITA BOTTLING WORKS WICHITA KANS." on the front and "C & Co LIM NO 8" on the back heel. Due to my own investigation it would mean that it's made between 1886 and 1907 by Cunningham &...
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    Dr Pepper thieves bottle

    I have a thieves bottle that I have a hard time to find a value on. The embossed letters says "Registered" "We pay for evidence convicting thieves for refilling our bottles the Dr Pepper Co Kansas CITY MO". The bottom is marked DR. With embossed letters. It seems like bottles from St Louis and...

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