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    Welcone to the Jungle Privy part 3. Some KILLER bottles in this hole. OMG.

    wow!! Congratulations, for the find (Aan odd neat one) and ..the tunnel. Don´t forget the precautions. Try always a way to help someone in there. Very dangerous, and more after a earth quake or rain. Alex.
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    Pabst Beer Embossed Blob Top

    Hi Russ. (forgive my bad english) Don´t be embarrassed to share bottles not clean yet. Its important to show details in the finish. The bottle has some words embossed then it has mold seams that begin on the heel going up to the top. An interesting detail is where they finish. If it´s possible...
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    Please Help to Identify My bottle

    They all are awesome! For the first bottle, the words of CanadianBottles say more than I know. The other two are interesting for me, but you only show one face of the body. Iwont to know if there is another thing embossed on the "back face". The third has familiar shape and color for me. The...
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    Help identifying beer/wine (?) squat bottle.

    That drawing just illustrate your good explanation, sanchip :)
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    Help identifying beer/wine (?) squat bottle.

    I drew these trhee diferent sections I identified. Hope they explain better than words. The second drow is definitly your bottle. Maybe the uneven ridge mentioned in other posts is a diference of diameter inside, like te third section. Somone can explain how was made ich one of they? If there is...
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    Help identifying beer/wine (?) squat bottle.

    Hello all ! I have got many bottles with finish like this but the interior of the necks are different . Many have no marks inside the neck. Many other have a circular groove inside like two pieces joined toghether and some have an irregular ridge. Because of it I doubt your bottle has realy...
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    Oval bottle with stopper/dropper. Apothecary?

    It´s hard to know what it was used for. It likes an antique torpedo bottle. I doub it is an apothecary or medicine. The finish is broken and the topper has nothing to do with this bottle. I bet it had a cork.
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    Help identifying beer/wine (?) squat bottle.

    Nice bottle tropichahni ! This brings up some questions to me too. However it´s definitly a turnned tool finish one. It dates 1900´s. See in this page "What is it before 1900" and "What is it after 1900" forums.
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    Help me identify a Perfume? Bottle no markings with pontil.

    This is a pontil and it means its an real antique bottle, however has nothing embossed. Unfortunately the flat surface subtract its value. It´s an interesting one for me.
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    Dallas Fort Worth area bottle digging

    Congratulation for these finds! Wonderfull!! What is that circular thing left close to the thin bottle? Is it a kind of stopper? Thanks, truedigr
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    Dallas Fort Worth area bottle digging

    I imagin a strainer with a long handle. It think it lost its handle maybe of wood or metal. Awesome staff!
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    Dallas Fort Worth area bottle digging

    . The light blue one seems to be a Magnesia Philips This staff I think is 60´ all throw.
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    Sloan's Liniment bottle: how the heck do I date it?

    I piket some in dums date 1920´s and 30´..and another date 1960´s circa
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    Would like to know what came in this bollte ...

    1º tell me the words wmbossed en the shoulder.Thank you. Very nice bottle. I know this shape. In Argentina this kind of bottle had malt. The new cork ones have liquor. The old ones are cork for liquor and crown for malt. But I have a corck one older than the oder (maybe 1910´s), without embossig...
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    Hexagonal large glass jar

    It´s a odd jar (demi?) I´m sure of one thing it belong to XX century. It might date after 20´s. Pity,it was nice in the integer shape.
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    Very Interesting Fed. Law Bottle

    This jug, in my opinion, dates 70´s or after bicouse of the point circle embossed on the base.
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    N. B. B. Co.

    Thank you very much midway49! The one I picked got to Patagonia in south America.
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    N. B. B. Co.

    Someo days ago I was digging in a new place when found a bottle in common shape; like beer or ale ones. Its made of brown glass and has a tooled crown finish and two mold seams on the body. Embossed on the bottom "N. B. B. C. CO. 562" and a "15" on the center of the base. This is new for me and...

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