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    Simnacher's Kidney-Specific

    I found the bottle in central VA, which is where I live, so somehow this thing made it some distance from NY, if in fact the pharmacist I mentioned did market it. So there must have been some of these around at one time, I'd think.
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    Simnacher's Kidney-Specific

    Yes, it says Simnacher's on the first line and Kidney-Specific on the second line, which is indented to the right. There are no other markings of any kind on the bottle.
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    Simnacher's Kidney-Specific

    I recently acquired from a local junk shop a curious patent medicine bottle I have not been able to identify. It's a pre-1900 clear bottle with panels on the front and both narrow sides. The lettering is all in upper-case and the embossing is quite sharp. It has a cork top, and the bottle is...

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