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    First Insulator

    Found this today while walking a creek looking for bottles. It's broken, but you gotta start somewhere!
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    What kind of liquor?

    Hey all, I finally found the town dump today. I dug several small bottles from the 30's and this heavy amber. The mark says it's from 51. Any idea what kind of liquor it held?
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    Another Estate Bottle

    I'm struggling with this one. It has the Owens/Illinois Mark on the bottom. A 2 on the left and a 4 on the right. "Pat. Applied For" across the middle. The letter at the bottom, could be an "S". Is this a liquor bottle?
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    Estate Find Part Two

    Thanks for this....And thanks for the value advice. I am trying to sell some. I have a lot of bottles and am unsure of my collecting future. To be honest, I enjoy the finding of them and the history of them. I'm trying to find connections in Western, NC to help me start digging.
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    A few more listed

    Hallett Seaver & Burbank, Wholesale Druggist, New York... Spencer Medicine Company (Chattanooga), Planters Old Time Remedies Phillip Wineman & Co Charleston, Medicine bottle...Circa 1890-1900 Car Cal Winery Greensboro, NC.. Half-Pint Wine... Circa 1930's
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    Estate Find Part Two

    Ok, three more from the estate. 1st bottle is green, 10 1/4 inches tall. No discernible mold seams, applied top. 2nd bottle is darker green, 10 inches tall. enlarged neck, three piece mold (I think). I took the pic next to the brown bottle from my previous post. 3rd bottle is green, more of a...
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    Estate sale finds

    Thanks everyone! Lots of great help!
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    My new Ebay Listings
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    Estate sale finds

    My novice bottle career continues. I got a lot of bottles today. Here are two that I would love help with
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    Drs. F. E. & J.A. Greene, New York & Boston Aqua Bottle: Circa 1880's-1890's Hey All, I put up a few bottles on Ebay. This one is fairly common, I think, but still a good bottle if you don't have it.
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    Flavoring bottle

    Yes, What I've read says the seam helps some, but there are a lot of exceptions. I have that same mark on the base of quite a few bottles that I believe are 1880-1890's. I'm thinking it's some kind of mold mark. What about venting. Several of my bottles have obvious venting holes and quite a few...
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    Flavoring bottle

    Thanks! I can see now, comparing to my other bottles, that the bottom is different. More questions then. From reading it seems that where the bottle seem stops is a good dating tool. It almost looks like there are brush marks on the neck. Does this mean that it was joined there? Also, I...
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    Flavoring bottle

    Hey all, I'm new to this and could use some help. I bought this one today and can't find any info on it. It's 4 3/4 x 1 1/2. Embossed T&K Flavoring Extracts. On one side it says, "full 2 oz" and on the other "First Quality" There is a faint pontil mark and the bottle seam stops at the base of...
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    Small Davis Painkiller

    Hello all, I have a small Davis Vegetable Painkiller bottle for sale. Bottle is 4 3/4" tall x 1 1/2"wide. PM me if you're interested.
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    L.M. Green Small, Woodbury, NJ

    Hello All, I have a L.M. Green, Woodbury, NJ bottle for sale. The bottle is 4 1/8 tall x 1 1/4 wide. Good shape. A very small rough spot on the lip. PM me if interested.
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    Norman's Neutralizing Cordial Bottle

    Hello all, I have a Norman's Neutralizing Cordial bottle for sale. It measures 5 5/8 tall x 2" wide. PM me if you're interested. On EBAY HERE
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    Roc's Liver bottle

    Hey All, I have several bottles to sell. The first one is this Dr. Roc's Liver Rheumatic. It's in good shape with a small chip under the lip and one on the underneath of the bottle. PM me if you're interested. The bottle is 8" tall. On Ebay HERE

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